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Iran Missile False Flag Torpedoed

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Iran Missile False Flag Torpedoed

Persian Gulf War False Flag Torpedoed.

Citizens are aware. War is not Peace

Persian Gulf Option One: A False Flag

Patrick Henningsen
January 25, 2012

“Remember the Maine!”, was the cry back in 1898 from William Randolph Heart’s New York Journal – a forerunner the modern Murdoch press. Then, some 274 men lost their lives as a result of the explosion which sunk the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. Hearst even told a story of how the enemy had planted a torpedo beneath the Maine and detonated it from shore. The only problem was – it never happened. Nonetheless, the event used as the popular pretext for the United State’s entry into the Spanish-American War, and ultimately, the acquisition of Cuba itself by the US. This was now the modern blueprint for using propaganda in conjunction with, what is accepted by many historians, a type of false-flag event.

Indeed we must…

Remember the Maine!

Remember the Lusitania!

Remember the Arizona!

Remember the Maddox!

Remember the Liberty!

Remember …

Warn and teach every one of false flag events.

Let your representatives know that we can see their false flag terror tactics and they can not scare us.

We are the sovereigns of our lives, liberty and sacred honor.

We are un-lienable, we are infinite and we are individuals.

Nothing can kill the spirit of 1776

Nothing can defeat the idea of freedom

The time has come to…

Remember Concord and Lexington!

Remember the Whitby under Captain Cunningham!

Keep ringing the alarm bell of liberty.

Place the warning signal lanterns in the tower windows

Make the ride, to alert the citizens, of Revere, Dawes and Prescott

Create signs for the Public Post; with the truth of Common Sense, the Pennsylvania Farmer Letters, etc.

Remember the Reichstag!

Remember the panic of 1907!

Remember Black Thursday!

Remember the Bay of Pigs!

Remember Project Northwoods!

Remember Kennedy’s Silver Dollar Death Sentence!

Remember Ruby Ridge!

Remember the WTC bombing in 1993!

Remember the OKC bombing in 1993!

Remember the Waco massacre in 1993!

Remember 9-11!

Remember the federal anthrax shutdown of Government.

Remember Anwar al’awlaki

Remember the WMDs

Remember 777!

Remember the Christmas Day underwear bomber

Remember the Time Square bomber

Remember the United States before the Homeland

Remember the Patriot act was not going to be used in non terrorist crimes.

Make signs, hang them on public posts!

Ring bells, alarm the citizens speak in squares, in public forum!

Shine signal lights of awareness to expose invasive oppression, fraud and danger!

Ride into neighboring areas, groups and regions to alert the people.

Fight to inform and expose tyranny with peaceful, skillful warfare

Stand on freeway over passes!

Awaken each mind, each individual sleeping giant.

Speak to the spirit of soul sovereignty within mankind

Act locally to re-public our constitutional republic.

Remember freedom, liberty and individual sovereignty 

Be self sufficient.

Be free

Be active

Be honest

Make signs for public post.


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