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2012 Snap Scout Generation – The Children of Homeland America

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The US Black Box Terrorist Police State2012 Federal Spy Generation

Snap Scouts - If you see something Snap Something - Federalized Youth

Snap Scouts - If you see something Snap Something - Federalized Youth

The US Black Box Terrorist Police State2012 Federal Spy Generation

Since 9/11 American’s have lived under a ‘new state’ of militarized federal government, active in our daily lives. It is a deliberate militarization of a generation of children.

These are generations born in 1988 and after, being 13 years old or younger in 2001, who have no clear memory of the world without terrorists, without terror threats around every corner and government saving us every day from crazy radical violent people out to kill us.

This new generation does not remember the United States as anything other than the ‘homeland’.

To them American’s have always been protecting the homeland from violent attack.

The government has always performed mock terror drills, always looked at everyone’s emails and correspondence. They have always controlled check points, airports and civic events, under constitution ‘free’ zones. They have always hunted, arrested, imprisoned and tortured suspects of potential plots or supporters of activity against theUS.

In this homeland, from the ages of 13 to now 23, this police state generation has had torturing un-heroes like; 24’s Jack Bauer from 2001-2010, Dexter, SVU, NCIS, The Unit, alias, Prison Break, Spy Kids, etc.. They have been raised on endless video games such as Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Gears of War, etc.

They have lived their entire adult lives in a 9/11 terror centric world and under the mass mind control techniques of MK-ultra’s, three Ds;

-Dependency on police, military, big business and government to keep them fed, clothed, educated, housed, employed and above all safe.

-Debilitation of local law enforcement, personal responsibility, civil liberties and constitutional rights

-Dread with false flag operations, threat warnings, strip searches, x-ray scanners, propaganda, paranoia, ‘if you see something say something’, climate change and an economically collapsing world…dread is pervasive.

These techniques have proven near total success rate, on younger minds, to program and maintain specific neurologic synaptic responses.

These young adults have never known an America at peace.

That generation has seen the United States justify preemptive war, after preemptive, aggressive war; as well as commit drone strikes on weddings, illegal aggression and unconscionable murders in; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Cairo, Kosovo, The Republic of South Sudan, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Pakistan, Iran, Pacific Command, European Command, Southern Command, Africa Command  and in the U.S. Central Command; and in these illegal wars, creating enough new enemies that this hundred year war on terror, will indeed be a hundred years.

We have generations believing only big government can solve big problems, believing the government can do no real wrong, a government that is trying set themselves up as god.

What kind of education has your child had, what have they been taught?

Do they have a solid grasp on how to think critically, to problem solve and not be fooled?

Can they use grammar to define the parts of a situation, logic to see how they interact, function or operate and finally rhetoric to defend and convey their conclusions? Or do they recite the ‘answers’ they are told?

What kind of adult have your raised?

Do you know your children, their beliefs and why they hold them?

Can they define and convey their ethics, principles and honor?

What kind of parent have you been? What example have you set?

Do they believe in self reliance, personal responsibility and individual freedom for all; that mankind is the single greatest value of sovereignty, potential and good in world?

Can they defend and do they love mankind and freedom?

-for your children-

-this is now america-

Join the Secret Police - Protect the Homeland

Join the Secret Police - Protect the Homeland


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