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2012 Election Crisis! War in 2012 – or – Peace in 2012?

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Hey South Carolina, Florida, America… is Warring the answer?

There is only one constitutional declaration, defensive purpose, just-war-doctrine, peace candidate.

Santorum says there’s a US program to kill Iranian scientists and dead ones are a wonderful thing

Newt Gingrich Advocates Assassinating Iranian Scientists as Drum Beat for War Continues at GOP Debate

Romney, Gingrich and Paul on a Sovereign, Free, Nuclear or Terreorized Iran

Intelligence Officer: Ron Paul Is Right on Iran

We the People vs. Mitt Romney

INSPIRATIONAL Ideas – The Ron Paul Platform of Constitutional Law

Knowledge is power

The Truth will set Us free

No army can stop an Idea whose time has come.

  – Ron Paul –  Knowledge, Truth, the Idea ofLiberty

Who is Ron Paul?

What does he really believe, see for yourself.

Then you decide.

Has this illegal warring abroad made us less free, here at home, as Dr. Paul predicted?

Has the Patriot act?

Will the NDAA, has the TSA or the DHS, a federal standing army?  

2012 – Is the Government Watching and Warring with the Public? Is there a Digital DHS, a Federal Internet Division?

The Homeland’s SOPA and NDAA permission to secretly hunt for citizen ‘extremists’, amongst the peaceful public, are the Enabling Acts of Reichland’s permission to hunt for; communists, dissenters, terrorists, Jews, etc., brought to the very halls and hands of the American federal government.

These powers only ever destroy the freedom, liberty and lives of the lands, which they promise to protect. Understand…really get this… the methods of evil and tyranny can never be used to destroy, defeat or diminish; evil and tyranny. These new methods serve only to strengthen evils and contribute to their proliferation.



Help to…

End These Wars…
in Afghanistan
in Iraq
in Libya
in Cairo
in Kosovo
in The Republic of South Sudan
in The Democratic Republic of the Congo
in Uganda
in Pakistan
in Iran
in Pacific Command
in European Command
in Southern Command
in Africa Command 
and in the U.S. Central Command

End This War…

on al-Qa’ida
on the Taliban
on Terrorism
on Drugs
on Religion
on Family
on Marriage (Right to Private Contract)
on Civil Liberty
on Education 
on States Rights
on Whistle blowers or ‘hackers’ exposing crime
on Extremists
on Protestors
on all potential belligerent dissenters
End this War on Freedom

Only one non mutli-national corporate, wall street, global banker canditate

Only one constitutionalist American  

Elect Ron Paul 


8 Responses

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  1. As always love your articles and information. This is one reason why my children will never be scouts or brownies. Brown Shirts in training.

    Have been taking some time off from the blog. I have been working on a new album. “A Musical Revolution” I will have samples and downloads available soon. Keep up the fight patriots unite.

    Freedom Writer


    2012/01/20 at 2:42 pm

    • Thanks nobull…it’s lonely out here on the front lines, nice to have some feed back.

      Teach the principles of the scouts on the family camping trips: self reliant, always prepared, honest, kind, trustworthy, loyal, etc.

      Become a local ‘scout’ leader and teach your sons/daughters friends.

      Ring the alarm bell of liberty



      2012/01/20 at 6:07 pm

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  3. […] 2012 America Crisis! War in 2012 – or – Peace in 2012? […]

  4. Well done !! All America should see this blog. I loved Alarn Bell entry. Like ths Us /gov watching and warring with the public even more.

    The Daughter of Roland FREEMAN Baird

    2012/01/16 at 11:53 am

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