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2012 – Is the Government Watching and Warring with the Public?

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Is there a big brother Media Monitoring Initiative and  Situational Awareness Initiative toward the public?

Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America

Is the Government Watching and Warring with the Public?


The NDAA is a World Wide Declaration of War on The People: Indeed the NDAA is a Police State Kill Switch of all justice and civil liberties. 

Senators Demand the Military Lock Up of American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Inside Your Home, Your City, Our Country, Indeed the Entire World

Don’t be confused by anyone claiming that the indefinite detention legislation does not apply to American citizens. It does. There is an exemption for American citizens from the ’mandatory’ detention requirement (section 1032 of the bill), but no ’exemption’ for American citizens from the authorization to use the military to indefinitely detain people without charge or trial (section 1031 of the bill). So, the result is that, under the bill, the military has the power to indefinitely imprison American citizens, but it does not have to use its power unless ordered to do so.

Besides the White House has stated NDAA does not increase or otherwise change any of our (the executive branches) authorities in regard to detention of American citizens.  It is simply a restatement of the authorities that were granted to the President in 2001.

The Executive Branch has shown this opinion very specifically. Citizens around the world have been ‘disappeared’, ‘vanished’ or ‘indefinitely detained’, and yes, US citizens have indeed been extra judicially executed; even wars are waged, nations conquered and still occupied today with US violence; all without legislative approval and the constitutionally required declaration of war.

But is this really going to be applied to the American people at home? Are the UN, US military and federal employees being ordered or prepared to do so?

The Government recently censored documents revealing plans to wage war on Americans

The military’s blue force tracking technology has been adopted since 2003 in Iraq and used in theaters like Afghanistan to quickly distinguish “Blue” friendlies (including U.S. forces and allies like tribal forces) from “Red” enemies. However, on the U.S. homeland battlefield, it is the American people who will be designated under “red,” whereas cleared occupying personnel are tracked as “blue” friendlies by their ID transponder badges. The designation was set-up to reduce “friendly fire” incidents.

Blue Force and other related programs like Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Continuity Analysis and the Command, Control, Communications and Computing (C4) operations named in the document electronically track and verify the location and clearance of COG-related personnel, the usage of emergency shelter facilities and their components as well as the military’s friendly/enemy designations– creating a matrix for live monitoring and control coordinating with DHS Threat Fusion Centers and FEMA databases during martial law or national emergency scenarios.

For instance, FEMA acknowledges in its documents the use of Blue Force tracking systems and other geospatial information systems to monitor the capacity and usage of its facilities under the National Shelter System and other programs. Preparations for the orderly control of the masses have already been put into place.

Click below to read the restored pages of that suppressed document now: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10, Page 11

This is also in conjunction with RFID/cellular tacking, check points, automotive gps, license plate software, threat fusion integrated camera networks, public microphone lampposts and real time credit card usage.

However this Blue activation of the Homeland is not just in the physical world but virtually in the context of our phone calls, tweets, texts, emails blogs, posts and indeed all media via the ‘Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative of 2010’ or Media Monitoring Initiative (MMI) under which;

The Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS), National Operations Center (NOC), will launch and lead the Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness (Initiative) to assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its components involved in fulfilling OPS statutory responsibility (Section 515 of the Homeland Security Act (6 U.S.C. § 321d(b)(1)) to provide situational awareness and establish a common operating picture for the federal government, and for those state, local, and tribal governments, as appropriate. The NOC and participating components1 may also share this de-identified information with international partners and the private sector where necessary and appropriate for coordination.

The NOC will use Internet-based platforms that provide a variety of ways to follow activity related to monitoring publicly available online forums, blogs, public websites, and message boards. Through the use of publicly available search engines and content aggregators2 the NOC will monitor activities on the social media sites listed in Appendix A

Section 7.0 Access, Redress and Correction

The following questions are directed at an individual’s ability to ensure the accuracy of the information collected about them.


7.1 What are the procedures that allow individuals to gain access to their information?

Social media are public websites. All users have access to their own information through their user accounts. Individuals should consult the privacy policies of the services they subscribe to for more information.

And in the latest Privacy Compliance Review of the Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative in 2011


Based on OPS/NOC’s demonstrated compliance with the June 22, 2010 PIA and consistent with the statutory mission of OPS/NOC, PRIV and OPS/NOC decided to further broaden the program’s capability to collect additional information in a limited number of situations in order to respond to the evolving operational needs of DHS and OPS/NOC. PII on the following categories of individuals may be collected when it lends credibility to the report or facilitates coordination with federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, foreign, or international government partners:

i. U.S.and foreign individuals in extremis situations involving potential life or death circumstances;

ii. Senior U.S. and foreign government officials who make public statements or provide public updates;

iii.U.S.and foreign government spokespersons who make public statements or provide public updates;

iv. U.S.and foreign private sector officials and spokespersons who make public statements or provide public updates; and

v. Names of anchors, newscasters, or on-scene reporters who are known or identified as reporters in their post or article or who use traditional and /or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.

vi. Current or former public officials who are victims of incidents or activities related to Homeland Security

vii. Known terrorists, drug cartel leaders, or other persons known to have been involved in major crimes or terror of Homeland Security interest who are killed or found dead.


PRIV finds that OPS/NOC SNMC analyst activities are in compliance with the PIA and SORN under review by this PCR. OPS/NOC should continue to train its analysts and follow the detailed handbook provided to all analysts. At the next PCR, PRIV will review the measures taken to expand auditing capabilities.


Do we have our own secret spy police; The Gestapo, the SS, the KGB, the Pinkertons, the OPS/NOC , the DHS, the TSA? Watching, tracking, stopping, searching, stripping, arresting, silencing? 

The Homeland’s SOPA and NDAA permission to secretly hunt for citizen ‘extremists’, amongst the peaceful public, are the Enabling Acts of Reichland’s permission to hunt for; communists, dissenters, terrorists, Jews, etc., brought to the very halls and hands of the American federal government.

These powers only ever destroy the freedom, liberty and lives of the lands, which they promise to protect. Understand…really get this… the methods of evil and tyranny can never be used to destroy, defeat or diminish; evil and tyranny. These new methods serve only to strengthen evils and contribute to their proliferation.

Fight for truth, justice and equity under the law, for all; from kings to carpenters and pharaohs to farmers.

Ring the alarm bell of liberty in defense of personal free agency and individual civil rights.

Resistance to oppression, fraud, tyranny and force is victory for a sovereign mankind.


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  14. One can literally ring a bell and carry a sign. What are the useful steps to save one’s liberty? What will have effect and affect?

    The Daughter of Roland FREEMAN Baird

    2012/01/14 at 8:50 am

    • with love, passion, patience and purpose…
      …spread truth and knowledge

      knowledge is power
      the truth will set us free


      2012/01/14 at 9:18 am

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