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2012 Martial Law – Police State Technopticon

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Technopticon – Modern Prison System

2012 Martial Law Police State Technopticon

Kill Switch Police State


BART Police use Kill Switch to prevent Protest over Killer Police

COICA Gives Federal Police Editing Power of the Internet – Goodbye Guttenberg

Egyptian Internet Kill Switch – United States Internet M.A.D. Switch

Engineering a Generation of Domestic CyberSecurity State Policey Enforcement

Internet Kill Switch? DHS Switched Killer Internet – Target Kill Switch Mislabels Over 80,000 Innocent Americans

Internet Kill Switch

Internet Theatre of War WWW Lock Down Due to False Flag WikiLeak CypherPunks and Hacker Provocateur Terror Hype and Propaganda on Info BombShells

Malintent Profiling – Malintentions Future Attribute Screening Technology (MFAST)

Political Witch Hunt Begins Are You a TrustMarked NSTIC Registered Citizen or an Enemy Belligerent

Schrödinger’s Vote

The United States and Venezuela Launch Chinese Style Hostile Internet Takeover

2012 Technopticon Police State

Big Sis Lying – Radiation Chamber more Insidious Evil than the Gas Chamber

Camera on Camera Crime – Illegal to Take a Picture of Feds Taking Our Picture

Department of Homeland Security Mind Reading Division – Malintentions Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST)

FEMA Camps Bombshell Confirmation – Open Federal Fusion Police State

Full Body Scan Radiation Chamber the Gas Chamber of the Future

If You See Something, Say Something…Well I see Criminal Propaganda Asking Fellow Holiday Shoppers to SPY on Each Other


Stop, Think, Connect the Dots; The Patriot Act, FEMA, DHS, Infra-Guard, TSA, NSTIC and TrustMark Citizenship

Target Youth – Engineering a Generation for the New World Policey State


Technopticon – Our smart grid prison

An Intelligent Prison, is this Smart Grid

Citizen Spy Immunity Under New Bill

DARPA, the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, CPS, ATF, ICE, Private Corporate Spies and Open Access to Your Email What Could Go Wrong?


Federal Judge Finds N.S.A. Wiretapping Program Illegal

National CyberSecurity Operation Perfect Citizen – Trustmark Citizenship

NDAA: citizen detainment – SOPA: civilian targeting

The NDAA Kill Switch Police State and the i-9/11 economic event

Obama Unleashes Cyber NSTIC

Relocated to Mountains and Found People Living Under Federal Camera Control

The Deliberate Dumbing Down and Reprogramming – Death of Freewill

The Secret of NIST

The Smart Grid and Privacy

– sovereignthink

Written by sovereignthink

2012/01/09 at 3:30 pm

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  4. 2012 – Is the Government Watching and Warring with the Public?

    DHS Federal Internet Division?


    2012/01/15 at 12:02 pm

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