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Occupiers and Tea Partiers to join forces and End America’s Wars

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Occupiers, Tea Partiers and Independents Elect Ron Paul thus; ending America’s wars, restoring justice to the economy, equity to the government and liberty to the people.

William Black worked under Ronald Reagan and covered the S&L fraud in the 80’s. The largest fraud ever prosecuted at the time.

Today’s fraud is 70 times bigger than S&L and the collapse is bigger as well.

He sent over 1000 elites to prison for fraud during S&L, with 10,000 criminal referral investigations and 1,000 FBI agents assigned to investigate. 

Today’s criminal fraud has seen but one elite, Madoff, in jail? 0 referrals for criminal investigations and as of 2007 only 120 FBI agents assigned to investigate.


William Black discusses this further on Democracy Now.

This is criminal government protecting criminal corporations… also known as fascism.

This criminal activity is chronic. It is the unchecked B&O Railroading, The ‘Bush & Obama’ Railroading of America.

Serous investigations need to be made into the elite’s behaviors and their interactions with agents of the government (including the Federal Reserve employees).

We must demand justice.

We must demand equity, under the law, within the systems of our public domain.

We must demand prosecutions for criminal practices as well as removing loophole laws and finally amending institutions or practices which allowed such a scandal to go unchecked.

Elect the one candidate that has been warning and decrying these very acts of oppression and their consequences, for decades.


End these Frauds

End the Secrets

End their Liens on our Lives





Break the hold of the propaganda machine.

Iowa,New Hampshire, everyone… elect Ron Paul

End this War




Iowa Ends This War


Yes He Can, Ron Can Win, Ron Paul tipping point


Democrats for Ron Paul

Iowa Ends This War

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Iowa Voters

End the NDAA Terror state  –  End the war on all people everywhere

If Iowa Votes for Ron Paul… Iowa Ends this War


To every other state, ring the alarm bell of liberty, alert every friend…

Help to…

End These Wars…
in Afghanistan
in Iraq
in Libya
in Cairo
in Kosovo
in The Republic of South Sudan
in The Democratic Republic of the Congo
in Uganda
in Pakistan
in Iran
in Pacific Command
in European Command
in Southern Command
in Africa Command 
and in the U.S. Central Command

End This War…

on al-Qa’ida
on the Taliban
on Terrorism
on Drugs
on Religion
on Family
on Marriage
on Civil Liberty 
on Copy Right ‘violators’ whistle blowers or hackers
on Extremists
on Protestors
and on all potential belligerent descenters

Help make this song number one on itunes.

Iowa you can set the stage to end this war.

Yes He Can…

End ‘wartime’ America .

The time has come for the 100 year long awaited ‘return to normalcy’

For the Constitution to once again be Law. 

Yes He Can.


 Ring the alarm bell of liberty.
NDAA: citizen detainment – SOPA: civilian targeting
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NDAA: citizen detainment – SOPA: civilian targeting

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NDAA: citizen detainment – SOPA: civilian targeting

Police State 2012 – The hi-tech police state

Color revolutions, hot rebellions or justice restored peacefully through adherence to fundamental principles and constitutional law.

How we could get to a point of no return, of martial law…?

This is the 12-step program to dismantling America’s purpose and principle of individual liberty and sovereignty.

Steps Taken So Far…

1. Egyptian Internet Kill Switch – United States Internet M.A.D. Switch

(see this)

2. US State Department, Google and Twitter trained Egyptian Bloggers for Revolution; Google CEO very, very proud of executive overthrowing government

(see this)

(and this)

3. News Corp Spying Operations Small Time Compared with Giant Google

(see this)

4. Twitter Google Gate – An Intelligent Prison is this Smart Grid

(see this)

5. Internet Kill Switch 2.0

(see this)

6. BART Police use Kill Switch to prevent Protest over Killer Police

(see this)

7. Internet Kill Switch? DHS Switched Killer Internet – Target Kill Switch Mislabels Over 80,000 Innocent Americans

(see this)

8. Obama Signs NDAA 2011-12 into Law, ending 222 years of the Bill of Rights?

(see this)

9. What would that look like, the NDAA Police State, the Kill-Switch of all justice and of civil liberties?

(see this)

10. What is this new army of secret police we now face?

(see this)


11. How would that happen? What could justify a roll out of full government control? The NDAA Kill Switch Police State and the i-9/11 event.

(see this)

12. Obama Blackout Agenda – Bankrupt United States Energy and Sovereignty
(see this)


(see this)

We are much more than one step over the line.

These are just a few of the steps the government has taken to get us this far down the line.




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