Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Fanatic Federalists vs Fundamental Freedoms

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Radicalized Christians support casting stones at; prostitution, drugs, alcohol, extra marital sexuality, agriculture, culturalization and enforced tithing to the state’s will, in as much as any other fanatical ideology.


However, Jesus propagated an ideology of forgiveness, turning the other cheek and allowing personal corruption or ‘sin’ as acts of volition.


He taught, to change society or personal behavior, only the actions of; leading by example, patience, wisdom and philosophical debate.


Radicalized Islam, as with radicalized Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Nativism or as we see with modern Greenism or Ecosism and indeed any fanatical ideology commits one to forcing ones views and beliefs on another individual.


So long as there is no force, fraud or coercion of another human being or group of human beings, but instead an example provided as opposition of a just and righteous course, we can find that any ideology can and should thrive in our constitutional democratic republic.


Fundamentally and constitutionally, no stone, no act of force, no policey, can be initiated against an individual that acts within the cooperative volition or free agency of men.


Our nation, of theUnited States of America, is founded on these principles, the principles of unalienable fundamental natural rights.


With respect to life, liberty and the private pursuit of happiness; no governance, lien or law, shall take the sovereign authority away from the free agency, production, volition or course, of the individual in their personal creation in this world.    


We must stand as a nation, state, county, city and community; for the infinite and inviolate potential of every individual. Leading by example and supporting by honesty, justice, patience and love for our fellow man.


With this free exchange and personal responsibility our nation and community will thrive beyond any measurable example.


This is our heritage, our birthright, our duty, our lineage and our promise of living.




Written by sovereignthink

2011/08/15 at 2:50 am

Posted in Future of liberty

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  2. Will you be sharing much more of such articles? I surely wish you do, because, to me, your posts is mind expanding. This sets me to believe real hard, and I adore it. I believe your expertise will support to create a superior globe, so please keep it coming. Thanks and searching forward to your fantastic content once again soon.

    • Yes and thank you for commenting.

      I will share as much infomation and ideas as I can.


      2011/08/16 at 3:02 pm

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