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Quartzsite Mayor at Capitol Steps Pleads to Silent Halls of Phoenix

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The Junta Mayor of Quartzsite goes to Phoenix to ask for investigation and assistance.

Unlawfully Annexed Mayor Foster alarmed… the State of Quartzsite, the Site of a Police State.

Local Police Chief Gilbert has declared martial law, his opposition has been charged with crimes, those police officers that refuse to go along with this coup have been placed on house arrest, people for fear travel in groups with cameras and citizens are fleeing Quartzsite.

Police Chief Jeff Gilbert is acting under the direction of a corrupt town council and their ongoing secret monopoly, intimidation, fraud and tyranny.’

The response from Phoenix was for proof and the request that the correct forms be filed.

The elected official was overthrown by his employee of the community trust and without due process. procedure to ensure the integrity of the community trust within the city council and its departments officers has clearly been violated.

If Phoenix will not act, this is to the point that a full investigation and a people’s grand jury investigation be called, by the people.

The Police as employees of the community are supposed to be defenders of the community trust. They are under oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States but are the individual protectors of the fundamental natural rights of the Public that they directly serve.

This is the duty, oath, service and function of every office within the Re Public.

If the duty is not upheld and the function is perverted to tyranny and if when the police; militarize, federalize and terrorize, individuals; as well as the very foundation of elected democracy… then what more does Phoenix want, what is the correct form for police state?

Total Tyranny Report Form-A?

Quartzsite Tyranny – City Council Police State

Quartzsite Police Demand Investigation of Chief Gilbert



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