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‘Gold is not money’… except in Utah

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Ron Paul was able to ask Fed Chair Bernanke is Gold Money?

MR. PAUL: Do you think gold is money?

MR. BERNANKE: No. It’s not money, it’s a precious metal…

MR. PAUL: Even if it has been money for 6,000 years, somebody reversed that and eliminated that economic law?

MR. BERNANKE: Well, it’s — you know, it’s an asset.

Bernanke who doled out almost 6 trillion to foreign banks in the 2008 bailout alone without congressional approval, does not value gold in his definition of what money is.

To Bernanke the only money is his monopoly ‘money’ that he gets to handout to  corporate trading partnerships. ‘It Ain’t Money If I Can’t Print It!’ as Peter Schiff’s article points out.

And before QE had begun, Read My Lips – The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt!…But you did…so debt is money but gold is not. To Bernanke OUR debt to his banks is money, with admitted fraud or no…but gold is not money.

In Utah with the passage and enactment of the Utah Legal Tender Act, gold and silver can now be transferred into or out of Bernanke’s ‘money’ tax free and can also be used outright for the payment of taxes.

Utah Sound Money Legal Tender Act (TEXT – Enrolled)

Utah Silver and Gold Staged to Kill the Bank – Utah Vs Fed

Utah Liberates Silver – Enlisting All Citizens of Utah

Utah Silver Liberation Army – Theatre of Operation Beachhead Utah

Million OZ March – Silver and Gold in Every Pocket in Utah

Utah has clicked its real silver money together three times and returned home to reality.

We followed the money and the yellow brick road leads to the wall streets paved with gold; it leads to the multi national corporate conglomerates and industries the fed bailouts and supports.



Written by sovereignthink

2011/07/15 at 4:18 pm

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