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Quartzsite Tyranny – City Council Police State

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Dear Mr Jeff Gilbert,
To arrest and/or commit force against a citizen of the united states, that has been recognized in the public forum, is tyranny.
The right of the people to express their freedom of speech shall not be infringed.
Congress shall make no law. Your deputies acted outside of their legal duty.
Please help save liberty in our nation by supporting these rights and upholding your oath of office as a public servant.
Whether we agree with the speech that the individuals choose to exercise, we must uphold that fundamental natural right.
My heart is sick with pain at the loss of freedom and civility in the cities of this nation. 
The sheriff of La Paz county has visible evidence that a constitutional violation has occurred and an investigation needs to be undertaken.
Thank you for your time and service.

Quartzsite Police Demand Investigation of Chief Gilbert 

“This is an illegal meeting!.” said Mayor Foster. Sgt Frausto locked the door on him.

Quartzsite Police Officers Association Letter Against Chief Gilbert

video evidence


3 Responses

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    2011/12/22 at 6:29 am

  2. This Police Chief is out of control as are members of the city council …
    A full investigation into their past, present and future actions needs to be conducted.
    These people are not acting in a normal and reasonable manner, therefore, it is highly likely that they have something to hide which is highly likely to be wrong doing.
    To abuse people in the ways we are witnessing is evil, completely uncalled for, and most likely illegal.
    If they persist in their use of force, someone is going to bring a gun to defend themselves when provoked by the tyrannical behavior of the police and city council members. We can not have politicians and police imposing themselves upon lawful citizens in this manner.

    Michael Foster

    2011/07/20 at 2:31 pm

    • For sure.

      We need to send this and bring it to the attention of our own city council.

      There is no one else but us.


      2011/07/25 at 3:45 am

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