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Quartzsite Police Demand Investigation of Chief Gilbert

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Quartzsite Police Officers Association Letter; Requesting Temporary Paid Leave and Immediate Investigation of Chief Gilbert

 Mr. Mayor, Members of the Council, and citizens of Quartzsite,

Members of the Quartzsite Police Officers Association, representing approximately 80% of the department, met with AZPOST to make a formal complaint against Police Chief Jeff Gilbert. These officers provided a detailed letter, outlining years of management abuses, misconduct, EEO violations, and political and criminal behavior against Chief Gilbert. The Quartzsite Police Officers Association notified AZCOPS, who have also requested of AZPOST an immediate investigation of Chief Gilbert.

Some of the allegations against Chief Gilbert:

  • “White-out” the town manager’s signature on their leave requests forms, giving the appearance the town manager had not previously approved the initial request.
  • Violating medical privacy acts under federal law
  • Uses his authority as the Chief to intimidate both officers and members of the community if they disagree with his methodology and political affiliation
  • Chief Gilbert uses, or orders members of the Department to use NCIC to find “dirt” on political candidates or citizens supporting candidates the Chief dislikes
  • “Friends” of the Chief who have warrants for their arrests are not placed in custody
  • Officers are ordered to make traffic stops and arrest/cite citizens who the Chief believes are against him
  • Disciplines members of the Department on how “loyal” they are to him; not on the merit of the investigation
  • Ridicules and humiliates members of the Department he deems are “unfit” in front of others
  • Promotes those who are loyal/friends of his in violation of Department/HR rules and policies

 These are the officers of justice, keepers of peace and honoring thier oath to the Constitution and defenders of the Fundamental Natural Rights of the citizens they serve.

Support These Lawful Men, support Mayor Foster and Ms Jones, Support the Liberty and Justice of the Citizens of Quartzsite and America.

 Resist corruption in Enforcement Agents of government; whether local, state or federal.

Resist tyrannical governance, destruction of private property and guilty until proven innocent.


turn the cameras on them; restore public freedom

turn the cameras on them; restore public freedom



Voice Your Resistance, Write an email and send it to Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and cc

  • every news media outlet in Arizona
  • your local sheriff
  • police chief
  • your own city council

We are the peaceful resistance to Tyranny, exercise your peaceful freedom of speech.


Where the government fears the people you have liberty.

Where the people fear the government you have tyranny.

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