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There Are No; Dumb Down Masses, Zombie Drones or Brainless Others…yet

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How the Balloonist of the Emerald City, the wizard of OZ, wants us to think of each other and ourselves. Cowardly, brainless, heartless, homeless and powerless. There are no brain-dead deltas, no sub-human ‘humanezes’,  all mankind is still created equal nd infinite in their potential, however there is the mislead public. They are the mislead public of the Right wing, Republican only party. They are the mislead public of the Left wing, Democratic only party. Unable, in the misleading, to see the Democratic Republic Nation founded on Constitutional Individual Sovereignty.

What is the Power in their; Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan Illusion.

The Inflationist of the Greenback DC would like to divide us along the Yellow Bricked Rhodes toward their IMF, World Bank, UN – SDR the Secret Keyness-ian BanCor

Left? People to go that way…

Remember, There Are…

No Dumb Down Masses

No Zombie Drones

No Brainless Others

or to the Right? Then Again People do go this way….

Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan, Illusion

Fear Puppet, their Scarecrow, their StrawMan, Illusion

Remember, Silence No One and Speak the Truth

An Informed Public

Will Resist Tyranny

You are the Resistance

Resistance is Victory

People do go both ways and allow freedom of movement, freedom of choice and infinite potential.

There are No Dumb Down Masses, No Zombie Drones, No Brainless Others

There are No Dumb Down Masses, No Zombie Drones, No Brainless Others


The Power of Ideas – A Nation Divided DEM v REP or rather A Nation United The Democratic Republican Party

Under the Double eagle of justice and courage


Under the Double eagle of fear and terror

We must love violently, we must hate passionately, we must live bravely


American Feel Goodism – Faith without Works is Dead

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 American Feel Goodism – Going to Weekly Church ‘Service’ – Faith without Works is Dead

I have nothing against an awareness walk, a fundraising marathon, a communal sporting event or even a reality television show (with some personal qualifiers). 

I only see a large expenditure of energy that is wasted or at least not put to a definitive use or real gain. That energy cold be spent in a way that is just as entertaining, just as inspiring and would also accomplish a gain that is a positive net gain and permanent or at least long in lasting effect.

Let us take a Marathon that is run for funding research or a cure of some such malady.

There is an initial investment and down payment to schedule the event in a city and this covers the costs to begin the initial planning, ads, notices, permits etc.

Every runner has an entrance fee and often run hundreds of miles in training to prepare for the event, with days of training and energy.

On the day of there is the tremendous cost as the city is shut down, police, traffic, business loss, the mess and cleanup, etc.

Let us instead make our marathon a Repairathon for the Same Malady and the same funding for the same research or cure.

Instead of running individuals would clean, repair, mend and beautify the community.

Competition Repairathoners would signup and have an entrance fee. Volunteers cold participate for free and serve as assistants doing the lifting and prep work for the competition Repairathoners specific tasks.

They would start at a given point and have direction and boundaries in which to work. They would work night and day, until the last person/group was standing.

The Entrance fee and initial donations would go to setup as well as supplies and expendables for the event.

With additional Sponsorships, Contributions and Donations from Engineers, Artists, Designers, Architects, Contractors, Public Works and Land, Businesses and Individuals, the results for the community trust and public domain at the end of the event would astounding; cheering on the last few workers after 78 straight hours of hammering up shingles, painting and repairing; cheering the 3 square miles of new beautiful neighborhood and community trust.

As such I also have nothing against organized sports or religions; and individuals going to the weekly church service, in which, those in real need are not necessarily served. I have nothing against taking a day of the week to calmly reflect, relax and refocus spiritual faith and principled direction.

What if that congregation were also to work together for an hour or two or three a week, repairing the Widow Jones’ house or cleaning out that vacant lot? That hour of a hundred hands with good work and deed affirming faith.

To Know Good indeed.

 What if the 80,000 attendees and the millions of Monday Night Football viewers Did something when they watched. All they would have to do is Watch Outside or Listen on the Radio, Together with $20.00 of free hotdogs and any neighbors that want to stop by and enjoy the game.

What if those millions Created a Real Community Trust with our Great American past times? What if we used the bread and circus to come together, to find our Front Porch and to unite over the game, the event and not divide over the winners and losers or choose the biggest, widest screen and softest chairs?

The Justice, Honor, Equity, Service and Integrity of Our Republic of the United Stated of America, lies not in the Faith of Freedom, the Belief in Liberty or the Show of Power.

It lies instead in the Works of the Individuals of the Public, Under Affirmation and Duty, to be Diligent in overseeing, in Checking and in Balancing, to be faithful in Securing the Justice, Honor, Equity, Service and Integrity of Our Re Public.

We alone can ensure that the Sacred Private Individual Is Protected Above All, to Pursue Personal Happiness and Sovereign Prosperity.

I require action.

I judge not what is said but by what is done.

I am my vote, I am sovereign, I am Free


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2011/02/25 at 1:32 am

Google CEO very, very proud of overthrowing government

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Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt supports Overthrow of government and total transparency? Yes, I think so…but who can trust a RAND, CIA and NSA Created Corporation’s CEO? A Google Run Rebellion and Uprising? Not the Google rebellion Murdoch had in mind?


Google’s cyberactivist Wael Ghonim, an executive at the company emerged as a leading voice of the Egyptian revolution and spearheaded the uprising.

Mr Ghonim is head of marketing for Google Middle East and Google North Africa.

How did he help facilitate and become one of the leaders of the Egyptian Re-publicing? For the last half year he created brush fires in the hearts of Egyptians Everywhere with the page ‘We are all Khaled Said’. Named in honor of a 28-year-old Egyptian protester who was tortured by Egyptian police.

The ‘We are all Khaled Said’ Facebook page, Twitter Account, Google technology and excellent search tools that Ghonim used, helped spark the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

And Just like Khaled Said, in a DHS Police Styled Secret Arrest, Ghonim was illegally captured by the Egyptian Government’s Military Police.

“We are All Wael Ghonim.” Became the Battle Cry of the People, the “I am Spartacus” of Egyptians in Google’s Revolution Factory, Alliance of Youth Movements and the Color Revolution 2.0

As the revolution seemed to be losing steam, seemingly against all odds, Mubarak fled, had a stroke and 30-year-old Ghonim was released from police custody after 12 days.

Credited with re-energising the movement, Ghonim’s release has placed him and Google as the warriors of the people and victory.

“We are very, very proud of what Wael Ghonim was able to do in Egypt, they were able to use a set of technologies that included Facebook, Twitter and number of others to really express the voice of the people. And that is a good example of transparency. And we wish them very much the best. I have talked to him. We are very, very proud of what he has done.” said Google’s CEO and Leader Mr Schmidt in Barcelona.

Would the reaction of Mr Schmidt be the same if any of the United States Execs; Nikesh Arora, Shona L. Brown, David C. Drummond, Alan Eustace, Patrick Pichette or Jonathan Rosenberg, created the website ;

‘We are All Kenneth Michael Trentadue’, ‘Bernard von NotHaus‘ or ‘Richard Fine‘  

What if this same executive at Google US Sparked a revolution in America, Demanded a new government here, and called for transparency into the Federal Reserve and Federal Agencies as a good example of a Free and Just People?

I for one do not want a Google Executive run and controlled Revolution in America.

However, Silence No One and Speak the Truth.

An Informed Public Will Resist Tyranny
We are the Resistance.
Resistance is Victory.

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