Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Where has My Nation Gone? Where is the Public of my rePublic?

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What Once was…

A Public that was for defending and protecting Liberty, that was Of, For and By  the Personal Freedom of every Last Sovereign Individual, Be they Male or Female, Old or Young, Rich or Poor, Black or White, Able or Inept.

A re-Public to Secure the Individual’s Civil Liberties and Fundamental Natural Rights

A re-Public to Safe Guard against Tyranny, Rulership and Mandated Regulation from Afar

A re-Public as Protectorate of this Land on the Face of the Earth were the Person was established as Sole Sovereign, being the only Naturally Soul Sovereign Being.

A re-Public Domain of Equity, Liberty and Justice for All, Under the Absolute Law of Individually Protected and Non-Lienable Property Rights of Body, Production, Pursuit and Personal Creation.

A re-Public were Property Rights Enforcement could Only be instigated if it was in Response to a Property Rights Violation. To Maintain The Law.

A re-Public that acted exclusively; by, for and under the Authority that the Individuals themselves were limited to Grant.

A Moral re-Public.

We had Declared Independence and Created; A Freed Community of Individual Sovereigns, A Private Society of Personal Liberation

A Land where words, thoughts and ideas could have been created, A Land for sovereign thinking, instead of double thinking.

doublethink v sovereignthink – Words and Nonwords (with; ity, ism, ist)

Commune; Community – Communism – Communist

Individual; Individuality – Individualism – Individualist

Social; Sociality – Socialism – Socialist

Liberal: Liberality – Liberalism – Liberalist

Personal; Personality – PersonalismPersonalist

Private: PrivatityPrivatismPrivatist

Sovereign; SovereignitySovereignismSovereignist

Freedom; FreedomityFreedomismFreedomist 

doublethink (word) or sovereignthink (nonword)


Protection from Democracy’s Tyranny – Individual, Local, State then Federal

Written by sovereignthink

2011/02/15 at 8:17 pm

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  2. i love it


    2011/02/18 at 1:36 am

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