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Citizen Spy Immunity Under New Bill

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Citizen Spy Immunity Under New Bill

What is the Citizen Spy Network?

Doctors, Cable, realtors, teachers, meter readers, carpet cleaners, etc have all been given infra guard training for a citizen Spy Network that is integrated into the Smart Grid Fusion Center System.

All professionals are being approached and asked to “Stop, Think, Connect”. It is not Spying it is “Keeping America Safe” you are our Front Line so “If You See SOMETHING Say something”

Just Call this number or file this report online. 

Anonymity, Immunity and Rewards for Catching an Enemy of the State.

The State of the Union is that of Express Train headed Toward Total and complete Regulation of Individual Civil Liberty and Fundamental Natural Rights to a Policey State of Control. This Central Policey System Now has a Civilian National Security Force to Regulated Liberty and Rights of the Public that is Larger than the Standing Military Armed Forces.

Citizen Spy Network; Spy on your Neighbor For State Policey Infractions or Suspicious Activity, Get Rewarded for Information.

Is this Building The Community Trust and Liberty of the re-Public Domain Or is this Fear Mongering and Terrorizing for Central Control?

Re-Local, RePublic

You are the Resistance to Global Governance, Planned Society and Population Control aka Slavery.

Resistance is Victory.

The Answer to 1984 is 1776.

Restore Peace, Justice and Liberty in Your Local Community Councils and Offices, This is your Duty of Stewardship, Your Local Re-Public-able Domain.


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  3. […] Citizen Spy Immunity Under New Bill […]

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