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DHS TSA Molestation Lawsuit – Support Jesse Ventura’s Battle Against Tyranny

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DHS Molestation Lawsuit – Support Jesse Ventura’s Battle Against Tyranny

Laugh as DHS Molests and Strip Searches Our Women and Children and Sends you into the Radiation Chamber


Resist Against the Radiation Spying as well as Citizen Genital Fondling and Federal Groping of the Sacred Private Domain

Resisting Entropic Tyranny and Oppression is Victory.

The Patriarchal Tyrants of the world are too Great to Conquer Directly with Individual Patriarchal Swords; Turn Instead to Your Local Circle for the Authority and Sovereignty of Shielding Matriarchal Principles, Justice and Peaceful Victory.

Reason, Patience and

Support the Mighty Sword of Jesse Ventura and His Fight Against Tyranny in Defense of Personal Civil Liberty and Fundamental Natural Rights.

You are the Resistance. You are the Spirit of 1776.

DHS TSA Holiday Stand Down Fraud or NegligenceCriminal Either Way

On Thanksgiving TSA Pulled back Measures of the new enhanced Screening, DHS & TSA Stand Down on Thanksgiving Traveler Opt-Out Day – Public Relations Over Safety or Exaggerated Threat Levels?

On this Thanksgiving Opt-Out Blow-Back and the DHS action to Stand Down was Either;

  1. Creating a False Fear Based Campaign of Political Propaganda for Increased Integrated Control and Economic gain through hyping actual threats of terrorist and extremist activity in order to implement specific, costly, dangerous, ineffective and ultimately illegal national security measures.
  2.  Were willing to risk longer lines, inconvenienced travelers and a marketing Nightmare by having civilian travelers opt out of the now routine pulls for enhanced screening measures that had been recently deemed necessary for national security and had received so much attention in the Public but were still stringently increased and implemented. These Thanksgiving Day abandoned screening measures included;
    1. Full Body Biometric Scan and Pornographic Imaging in a Terahertz Radiation Field Chamber
    2. Additional pat down
    3. Additional Enhance Palm in Pat Down
    4. Public Strip Search and Clothing Removal
    5. Inside Pants Genital Detailed and Pressure Squeeze Groping
    6. Private Isolation Security Screening/Interrogation Rooms


DA Investigating Felony Groping in TSA Revolt and Liberty Guard’s FOIA request as to the reason for the Stand Down of new mandatory security regulation Initiatives can be viewed here (PDF).

 Federal Fondling Destroys Left Right Party Prison SystemOwen JJ Stone and John Tyner – TSA Caught with Their Hands Down Our Pants & Groping Our Rights

TSA Grope Stapo – Genitals Must be Groped for National Security

DHS TSA Felony Groping of Individual Civil Liberties and Fundamental Natural Human Rights Still not Called to Answer for Poor Handling of Americans Sacred Honor.

The reason Pants Wide Shut – TSA Grope Stapo to Strip Search Anyone Terrorist Police State Security System Now Turned on Citizens as Target Threat

Stop, Think, Connect the DHS Dots to Patriot Act, Infra-Guard, TSA, TIA, NSTIC and TrustMark Citizenship for Safer Faster Easier travel and Secure internet Access.

What is the Threat PETN or PENTAGON? PETN is the spooky powder that Justifies Total Violation of our Fundamental Natural Rights and the Authority of the Government to Search for the Powder is Absolute.

Enough is Enough – Ron Paul Authors Bill to End Federal Government’s Crimes

Judge Andrew Napolitano; Global Elite – Religion of Control

Radiation Chamber the Gas Chamber of the Future. Our Nation Once to Build Radiation Shelters and now we have Full Body Identification Radiation Chambers with Little Alternative to Travel

Everyday Is Opt-Out Day – Opt Out of Tyranny – Full Body Identification Radiation Chambers and Genital Groping are the Lines in the Sand.

Under Our Father’s Double Eagle – A Nation United Under Liberty Under the Democratic Republican Party, the Anti Administration Party, the Anti Federalist Party, the Anti Tyranny Movement of 1776, We are the Resistance


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Tropism vs Entropism – All that is Round is Sacred and is the Light and Liberty of Life

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The Sacred Sphere, the Sovereign Circle, the Wheel, the Turning


All that is a Tropism that has the energy of turning in and the power of creating something more complex with subtle and base energies available in the system, everything that is round has the Power to Build, to Grow.

All that is an Entropism that has the energy of straight motion and disbursement and the power of creating something more simple and increasing the base energy within the system, everything that is straight or disperses complex energy has the power to destroy.

It is a Battle of Force over Adaptation.

A Principle of Control; of Reservation, Regulation and Restriction of Individual Capacity Over a Principle of Liberty and Infinite Individual Potential

A Balance of Patriarchal Spirit Over Matriarchal Spirit.

The Male force; that drives the modern planned society and controlled economy of nearly every nation of today, is an Entropic Force and Principle.

We The Men and Women of those Planned, Controlled Communities and Nations Live in a Brave New Orwellian Brainwashing and Somba dumbing down. We are forced to attempt to organize and think under that Specifically Enforced Dog-eat-Dog, Eye-for-an-Eye, Social Darwinian, Survival of the Fittest, Male Entropic Spirit of Principle, Governance and Imperialism.

 There is no Turning in, There is no Forgiveness, There is no Redress, There is No Growth, There is No Creation, There is no Wisdom. It is the Entropy Inevitable in Government.

We, The Men and Women of those Communities must Reclaim the Sacred Stewardship of our Local Public Domain, Our Local Re-Public; which is the Immediate Circle of Influence that we have Directly with our Community and Our Community has with Us. It is Our Sacred Sphere of Sovereign Authority and The Duty that we owe to those of our Family, Neighborhood, City, County, State and Re-Public to maintain.

We can Attain and Fulfill Our Duty to the Smaller Circle of Local Justice within Our Domain as well as Our Duty to Utilize and Uphold Our Local Republic Domain In Its Rightful Authority in Defense Against Tyranny and Abuse of Individual Civil Liberties and Fundamental Natural Rights from Afar and Abroad.

Mark Those of the Circle, Those that Turn In.

Mark the Documents and Principles that Return Individual Authority and Pursuit.

They are the Tropics of Liberty, they are the Tropics of Freedom, and they are the Tropics of Creation and Growth.

Mark the Matriarchal Principles, the Taking in and Turning, that are the Tropics of Society

Awaken The American Spirit of Liberty that is Tropical to Infinite Personal Potential and Tropical to the Tremendous Capacity for Wisdom within the Individual’s Sovereign Stewardship.

Mark The Lakotah and our Founding American Indian Fathers Circle of Knowledge and Sphere of Wisdom.

For Living, Teaching and Defending the Spirit of America and Turning in, on Wounded Knee, Forever in Search of Hope for Growth and Understanding within the Circle.

Americans I say Yea Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Russell Means and the Individuals of the Republic of Lakotah.

Let Their Turning In Be Forever Written On Our Hearts and upon the Hearts of the Children of our Children’s Children.

Act Now! We Need Everyone To Turn In what they Can for the Republic of Lakotah.

Our Brothers and Sisters of the Republic of Lakotah Need Our Emergency Aid.

Starvation in the Heart of America Support the Heart of Americanism!

Calling for Medicine Knee 2011, Re-Turning in the Sovereign Circle, Please help the Republic of Lakotah – Join in Turning Wounds into Healing Now

Humanitarian Relief Aid Needed This Winter

From the Republic of Lakotah;

The Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota is a inhumanely deplorable condition. A brief summary of the challenges we face here:

  • Lakotah men have a life expectancy of less than 44 years, lowest of any country in the World (excluding AIDS) including Haiti.
  • The Lakotah infant mortality rate is 300% more than the U.S. Average.
  • The rate of diabetes is 800% higher than the U.S national average.
  • Median income is approximately $2,600 to $3,500 per year.
  • 97% of our Lakotah people live below the poverty line.

Through our R.O.L. Humanitarian Relief organization, a newly founded, soon to be incorporated 501 (C)3 tax-exempt organization, we are providing food, NEW clothing, propane, electricity and firewood to the poor, elderly and handicapped people of the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation.

Turn In Your Relief Aid Needed In This Dark Winter in America

Help our Relatives of the Republic of Lakotah. Please Share this Message. Make A Difference, You are the Resistance in Returning Liberty.

Resist Entropic Tyranny and Oppression.

The Patriarchal Tyrants of the world are too Great to Conquer Directly with Patriarchal Swords; Turn Instead to Your Local Circle for the Authority and Sovereignty of Shielding Matriarchal Principles, Justice and Peaceful Victory.

Reason, Patience and


New World Order Flow Chart Global Governance Graph International Elite Agenda Timeline

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