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Russell Means Re-Publicing the Local Lakotah Republic Domain – Freeing the Reservation

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Russell Means Freedom,

Thank you for Welcoming Us to Your Reservation.

The Forgiveness, Value and Brotherhood that you Extend to Every Individual is Principle in Body.

Your Defense of that Individual Sovereignty, Your Stewardship to Justice of the Land and Extending that Stewardship into Generations is an Ideal Never to Be Surrendered.

I will continue to share your information with people around me.

Thank you for Defending the Principle and Giving us a True Rally Point of the Spirit that is the Freedom, Peace and Power of Man.

It is Good Medicine.

Thank you for the welcoming us. Thank you for such an example of Forgiveness and Living the Principle, For Showing us How we can heal the wounds and sickness in Our Land.



Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation

American Indian Russell Means gives an eye-opening 90 minute interview in which he explains how Native Americans and Americans in general are all imprisoned within one huge reservation. Means is a leader for the Republic of Lakotah. – (full) inforwars

Utah Austerity – Strip Mining Bryce Canyon for Cheap “Federal Coal” Exports to China

Todays Attainable Public Duty of Overseeing the RePublic

States Bailout Accounts Zeroed Out – Trillions More For Bankers

The Power of Ideas – A Nation Divided DEM v REP – A Nation United The Democratic Republican Party

National CyberSecurity Operation Perfect Citizen – Trustmark Citizenship

China Blows-Up America’s Local Markets, Launching Attack at Last Local Vestige of US Value

The United States and Venezuela Launch Chinese Style Hostile Internet Takeover

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The United States and Venezuela Launch Chinese Style Hostile Internet Takeover Speech

Venezuela curbs Internet time for dissent

Caracas, Venezuela (UPI) Dec 22, 2010

In December 2010 Hugo Chavez Launched Dictatorial Executive Powers that equate the Internet media with the broadcast media in order to introduce Broadcast Media regulations and New CyberSecurity Regulations for Internet Users, ‘Journalists’ and ‘Publishers’.

The announced measures introduce fines as well as other punitive and National Investigatory measures of Web site owners or publishers who Pose Domestic Cyber Threats and Violate the Government’s CyberSecurity Regulations.

Interpretation of what constitutes fair comment or is damaging dissent and Belligerent CyberCrime is Determined by Federal Officials and Extra Judiciary Councils.  A Venezuelan Social Responsibility Law, approved by the National Assembly, Forces Citizens Internet Use Under National Broadcast Regulation.

Chavez defended Massive Regulation Increase “We aren’t eliminating the Internet here … nor censoring the Internet, What we’re doing is protecting ourselves against crimes, cyber crimes,” – MercoPress

The Venezuelan law prohibits Internet and Electronic transmission or dissemination of messages and images that could be disrespectful toward public authorities, incite hatred or even engender “anxiety” among the general public or endanger public order.

Barrack Obama has Launched Sister National Cyber-Transformation Actions In the United States with the Announcement of the Commerce Department’s New Division of The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace NSTIC Announced at Stanford University Jan 2011

The United States Executive Using STUXNET, WIKILEAKS, CYBERATTACK, Identity Theft as well as Venezuela’s National Security Rationale of Denouncing Out rage toward public authorities, inciting hatred, engender Resistance among the general public or endanger public order.


United States Cyber Challenge

National Strategy for Trusted Identities in CyberspaceNSTIC

State and Corporate TrustMark Registration Service Providers

Identity Ecosystem Governance Directorate

Domestic SMART GRID Integration

Network Surveillance Sensors/Dark Fiber Junctions

Corporate CyberSecurity Infra-Guard Perfect Citizen Employee Integration

Integrated Metro, Transit and First Responder Surveillance Network

National Security

CYBER Security Military Command

CyberSecurity Infra Guard Threat Fusion Centers

Future Attribute Screening Technology – FAST

Department of Homeland Security DHS MALINTENT

Anomaly Detection At Multiple Scales ADAMS

PERFECT CITIZEN Human Factors Behavioral Sciences Projects

Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTP Executive Office of the President

Human Factors Division, National Institute of Science and Technology Directorate NIST and DHS


China Buys-Up America’s Local Bond Markets, Launching Financial Takeover at Last Local Vestige of US Value – China Now Owns America

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China Blows-Up America’s Last Bubble, Launching Attack at Last Local Vestige of US Value in an Orchestrated Global Inflation and Hostile Takeover

China Still Investing/Lending/Buying Local US Municipal Markets – The Last Bubble Inflation On the Local Land, Water, Transportation, Energy and Infrastructure Markets For the Stated Goal Total Foreign Debt Receivership to the IMF, World Bank and China.

New Foreign Ownership of Local Water, Food, Energy, Mining by Private Offshore Multi-National Financiers instead of the Locally Constituted Re-Public Domain and an End to Local and International American Sovereignty.

The Local Municipal Bond Market and the 2008 Mortgage Market Parallel

Nerves Rattled in our Nation’s huge and supposedly stable local bond markets. With a Crippled Epistemology in Economics as always seen as safe (like the belief that real estate would always go up), America’s $2.8 trillion municipal-bond market was rocked in the crisis of 2008. It regained its facade, however, and has rallied strongly in the past two years with Foreign Investments but is still 2 trillion in the red for pensions and health care liabilities alone. Now a sudden jump in yields has renewed fears that the main source of finance for America’s 50 states and thousands of towns and cities is ripe for Hostile Foreign TakeOver and a general default Requiring handing Ownership of the Local Public Domains and Community Trusts of America over the Chinese and other Foreign Debt Holders and Financial Elite Investors.

Despite this Bernanke Lies and says that the local “bond markets seem to be doing okay…?”

Ben Bernanke: “The state and local governments have some long term fiscal issues relating primarily both to pensions of state employees but also to health care promises which in most cases are almost entirely unfunded. So, those are long term obligations that could be as much as… collectively as much as two trillion dollars for all the sates together, in the long term.  Those are long run obligations that don’t come in…the near term…so these are some very serious long term pressures.

Now In terms of the municipal bond market currently seems to be functioning reasonably well. Liquidity is…fine. Issuance has actually been very high, including issuance for capital projects. So we are not seeing extraordinary stress in the municipal markets. Which suggest Investors (or US DEBT HOLDERS) still are reasonably confident that there won’t be default among major borrows.

And the reason they might believe that is that most states have rules which put debt repayment and issuance repayments at a very high priority a…above many other obligations of the state and locality. Bottom line the municipal markets and the bond markets seem to be doing okay.”

Bernanke is stating that because of draconian state enforced federal fusioned collection measures the states can guarantee bond loan payoffs to China by Taxation, Criminal Charges against Citizenry for Late/non Payment, all before fixing the streets and with Minimize State Regulated Health Care and Eliminated Geriatric EOL Surgery

All This from Bernanke after Obama Slammed by Unilateral Fed Move, China Launches Warning Missile Off Coast of Los Angeles

As Reported on On July 21, 2010, President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Act”). The complete text of the law is available here.

The Act addresses a broad range of financial regulatory topics in an effort to address the Executive Branches Identified causes of the current economic crisis.

The following are some of the provisions that Allow Federal Government to Implement International Regulation and Global Financial Receivership of the Local United States municipal bond industry Debt:

  • Office of Municipal Securities – The Act creates an Office of Municipal Securities within the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to administer the rules related to municipal securities brokers, dealers, issuers, and advisors.
  • Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board – The Act broadens the authority of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board so it can better assist the SEC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority with regulation and enforcement.
  • Credit Rating Agencies – The Act creates an Office of Credit Ratings within the SEC and imposes several new rules affecting rating agencies, including rules regarding independent representation on boards, conflicts of interest, disclosure of credit ratings, and filing requirements designed to minimize false, misleading, or insufficient information.
  • Swaps and Derivatives – Although the exemptions contained in the Commodity Exchange Act for state and local obligations should continue to apply to state and local municipal swaps, the Act includes new reporting requirements for derivatives and swap transactions that will also apply to municipal swaps.
  • Exemptions for Municipal Securities – The Act exempts municipal securities from the prohibitions on bank propriety trading (by insured institutions) and exempts municipal securities dealers (and any other entity required to be registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934) from the jurisdiction of the newly created Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.


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