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The Legacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Fine Prison System

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The Legacy of The Former Governor; Arnold Schwarzenegger;

What I will remember most about the Gubernator?…The Legacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Fine Prison System

Bigger than China Town, He Shut off the Water to the Entire Central Valley not just ‘the san fernando valley’, Bigger than the Inflationist Wizard he Sold Our Straw Men an Emerald colored Tax Debt Based Currency, Bigger Than Roger Rabbit He Openly Legalized the Goontoons Holding Centers.

His kind of Villainy, His Brand of Corruption has come a very long way since his elders where depicted on the Big Screen. Not to be outdone his absolute power corruption is drawn from a Much Darker Place.

During Arnolds Reign, Judge Doom was caught by Eddie Valiant in the foreclosed ACME Corporate factory but the Judge was not Un-Masked as a Counterfeiting Corporatoon Disguised as a Human Being and Masquerading as a Public Servant.

The Evil Corporation was not dissolved and Laughter did not win. ToonTown Broke Down and was Sold For Scrap.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Legalized the Judges Bribery, so Judge Doom simply Threw Eddie in a Detainment Center for Contempt of Court and Held him as a Political Prisoner without Criminal Charges for a year and half; just long enough for things to blow over and the Public Forgot that they used to have a Domain, a  Community Trust or Toons that did what they were drawn up to do or a Republic For which used to stand for Them. Or Private Citizen Investigations, Or what Justice looks like.

Richard Fine was put in an L.A. Prison because he exposed county and state wide bribery as well as the low conviction rate for the government involvement in illegal activity of nearly every single L.A. Judge and wouldn’t tell them where he gotten the Judges financial information; ‘Name Names, and Drop the Charges or Go to Jail!’

Fine Exposed the biggest judicial bribery ring in the history of America, all of the non-partisan state judges were on the county or city take and payroll!

Dictatorially Governor Arnold held an emergency meeting of the legislature, legalized the county paying for the state judges ‘non-partisan’ judgment in county cases And  Fine was sent to prison.

 Millions and Millions of victimless “criminals” are slaves to their Corrections Industry (a bigger industry in the US than auto manufacturing)

Fine Exposed Fraud, the Usury but was silenced and what could have become national exposure was killed and halted in California Concrete.

Usura the Tyrannical Policey State placed him in a cell as it always does


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