Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Todays Attainable Public Duty of Overseeing the RePublic

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The Un-Attainable Duty of the Public – Proof We Must Re-Public Our Local Authority

Within a Democratic Republic

It is the Duty of the Public

To Ensure that the Government,

Acting Under the Authority of the Public,

Is Just, Equitable, Honest and Lawful

While Remaining Within the Authority and Powers

Granted and Vested By the Public

Today within the Constitutional Democratic Republic of the United States of America

I propose that the Duty of the Public has been made impossible by the very Nature and Structure of the Re-Public.

There is no way that an individual citizen can keep track of the Hundreds of Millions of City, County, State, Federal and Global; Regulations, Laws, Policies, Agencies, Agents, Officers, Actions and Armies that are acting on the Public’s Authority and In Our Individual Names.

Either the; Size, Secrecy or Scope of a single Federal Agency (ICC, DHS, AMA, FDA, USDA, EPA, NSA, CPS, IRS, etc.)  is well beyond Public and Congressional Oversight, Justice, any True Redress of Grievances or the ability to affect an enduring correction, mitigation of fraud or achievement of community trust.

The United States of America was established to Prevent Rulership From Afar

Specifically From the Recent Rulership of England

And Also from a Central Control or Rulership over the States and Local Public

within this Larger Re-Public.

South Carolinian’s Didn’t Fight and Die for Liberty and Personal Freedom from the British 3000 miles away just to be Ruled by New Yorkers 800 miles away.

The Under the Voluntary United Union of the States the smallest local governing body was established as the Soul Sovereign.

This being, at the time, the Individual white male land owner, however the concept of the Individual Sovereignty Over the State and as creator of the State was established.

Free-dom Over King-dom and Private Domain Over Public Domain.

No individual had the Authority to Rule over another Individual in the Public and Since the State as a Re-Public was granted authority from the Powers of the Individual, the Governing body in the Re-Public could not be invested with the Authority to Rule over Individuals. Man was Free and Sovereign and the State was bound to them.

The Next Sphere of Authority Granted by the Sovereign Individuals was to the City and County. This was the largest collection of Public that could be Justly managed, overseen and kept in check by the Public, thus given the most Authority second only to the Sovereign Individual, Local Sheriffs were given Supreme Law Enforcement Authority in the Land. The Local Public could Regulate Commerce Corporate Charters and Industry on an Individual Basis; limiting the Property infringement or Sovereignty Violations of Individual Citizens and Locally Benefit, Maximize and Maintain the Integrity of the Publicly Controlled Domain.

The Next Sphere of Authority was the States. This was to ensure that the State borders and citizens were secure from Federal and Interstate Fraud, Abuse and Usury. They could also be called if needed by the counties for dispute settlements or if a redress of Grievance was not able to be settled within a county or city. However, unlike today, nearly all of the operations of the cities and counties were maintained locally and the state did not have authority to act Freely within the county unless the request came from the higher authority of the county office, city office or a request from the Sovereign Authority of the Individual Citizen.

The next, last and weakest Sphere was the Federal Republic. This was to ensure that the national borders and coasts were secure. They could also be called to settle disputes between states, for example to ensure commerce was regular with no unjust interstate tariffs, policies or regulations. Many of the Federal Republic operations of today are well beyond the Authority that Can be Granted By the Sovereign Individuals of the Public and have breached the threshold of absurdity with regard to Public ability of oversight within Our Re-Public Machine.

Just because the government has ‘legalized’ Bribery, Theft, Fraud, Embezzlement, Spying, Imprisonment, Assault, Slavery, Usury and Involuntary Lienship and Servitude, Just because the Agents of the Republic have Legalized Corruption and Crime does not mean that it is not Criminal or will not Corrupt.

In short the Ability of the Public to Maintain a Republic that is Of, For and By the People and Ensure that the In-a-Lien-able Civil Liberties and Fundamental Natural Rights of the Soul Sovereign Individuals are not Violated or Infringed has been Completely Obfuscated, Inflated and Surrendered.

How can we have a peaceful revolution to return to the Principles of Individual Personal, Private Liberty and Freedom? How can we have a Peaceful revolution to remove the many heads of the Serpent?

How can we return to Normalcy, How can we return to Reality?

How can we get everyone to Click their silver slippers together three times and awaken to the real value, honest exchange, the corrupt inflationist balloonists behind the curtain and permanent money that will last generations? 

We must Re-Awaken to the Idea of a Re-Public that Recognizes the Spheres of Lineage Under the Sovereign Individual’s Authority. 

We must Re-a-Line the Line-Age of the In-a-Lien-Able Individual.


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Written by sovereignthink

2011/01/05 at 8:42 pm

12 Responses

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    2011/12/22 at 8:10 am

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  11. Awaken an Active Local Public to reclaim a just, open, honorable, equitable and beneficial Local Re-Public Domain that can defend and interpose to protect The Local Citizens Sovereign Individual Private Domain.


    2011/01/05 at 8:53 pm

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