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If I Ever Get To Talk to Alex Jones and America…Long time Listener, Long Time Caller, First Time on the Air

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If I ever get a call through to the Sovereign Thinker and Sovereign Man that is Alex Jones…

Long time Listener, Long Time Caller, first time on…

I would…

  1. Thank Him for Placing His Sacred Honor, Beyond His Own Last Full Measure of Devotion by Instilling an American Family and Children that can Endure a Tyrants Prison Ship that is Cast Ashore on Hostile Shores with Threat of Starvation, Abuse and Murder at any Moment. Though I have never met him, He has Secured His place as My Eternal Brother in Defense of Liberty and is Welcome at My Fire, Anytime
  2. Remind Alex Jones not to eat popcorn during the break, when he eats a hand full of popcorn during the break he often chokes and there is always microwave popcorn and coffee the office.

His voice is too important.

Hey Alex,

I know that popcorn smells great. It is the Cooking Maze of Ancients and a gift of Nature that Ignites a carnal desire. I smelled it from my grateful Cubical of ‘employment’ and had to fight the GMO MSG addiction of the millimeter wave cooked feast. Or is it the micro-wave Monsanto corn with the “pop secret” why it smells so good?

This is a reminder to us all. Replace the Junkie Food form our offices and daily lives.

But don’t eat the popcorn Alex, Your Voice and Health is too important to not have you at full strength, even for a second.

The studio is great, the new screens, for those that need images, are great but The Power of the Idea and Voice of the Idea are All.
That singular moment of infinite Human potential and capacity in selecting the words and feeling emotion can’t be given up for the Radiation cooked bag of GMO.

Never let THAT Moment falter…

So Don’t eat the popcorn.

Maybe we should have a yearly Health Food Money Bomb to stock up your Office and Staff. We, the listening doers, all Purchase Health food from your Sponsors, you should have roasted hemp seeds and super tea and the listeners all chip in to the Info Warriors Health Team Insurance Plan. We can even get Ron Paul Approved Doctors and Get Background checked Specialists to serve the team. I’d chip in but, please don’t eat the popcorn.

                  3. I would Try to Be able to speak on topic.

Add My piece of news, insight or information

Thank you Alex Jones, the Jones Family, InfoWars and American People for Great Awakening of Twenty-Ten!

Happy New Year!

Twenty-ten Big Fat Hen!

Twenty-eleven Tyranny’s Armagedd’n!

Talk to everyone, tell everyone, reclaim the Re-Public under the Democratic-Republican for Liberty Platform of Constitutional States Rights and Un a Lienable Fundamental Natural Rights!

Ring the Alarm bell of Liberty because Resistance to Tyranny is Victory.

Re-Public the Local Office and Public Domain.

– sovereignthink

Jekyll Island 2010 ‘the Dollar Dead’ – World Reserve Bankrupt – Greenspan Admits It Was All a Scam & Fraud


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  1. This is an excellent post, thanks for the information.


    2011/12/22 at 3:03 am

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