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Nationalization of Mainstream Media Mysteriously Missing From Media

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Nationalization of Mainstream Media Machine Mysteriously Receives Less Press Coverage and Concern than the Nationalizing of the now State Own/Run and Collapsing Automotive, Insurance, Health Care, or Housing Industries

With Trillions in Bailouts to the Fortune 500 – The Mainstream Media has Now Officially Become Orwell’s Ministry of ‘Truth’

Open, Honest, True Information needs to be available and accessible for People to Rule their Government Effectively, Justly, Peacefully, Honorably and with


Mainstream Mainlining - Corperson Media Managment

Corperson Media Managment - Mainstream Mainlining - Corpersonal Ownership

Washington Post – By the fall of 2008 the size and scope of the economic fraud was coming into view, credit had frozen across the financial system, including the commercial paper market. The Fed then purchased commercial paper issued by GE 12 times for a total of $16 billion. It bought paper from Harley-Davidson 33 times, for a total of $2.3 billion. It picked up debt issued by Verizon twice, totaling $1.5 billion.

GE’s third-quarter 2010 earnings $3.2 billion

Russell Wilkerson GE spokesman’s email – “It is hard to say what would have happened without the facility, and how its absence might have affected GE, but overall the program was extremely effective in helping stabilize the market,”

Verizon spokesman Robert A. Varettoni said that it was “an extraordinary time,”

Our Government Payment for Concealment Propaganda of Fraud and Abuse as well as The Fully Compromised and Cooperative State Run Mainstream Media Must End – Boycott the Liars and Their Lies Your Paying For

By MSNBC’s Own Standards, GE’s $16 Billion in Bailout Loans Compromises NBC News Coverage
It is possible that the folks at NBC didn’t know that GE had received these Federal Reserve loans. After all, NBC-Universal and General Electric are two separate entities, governed by two separate groups of people (though some former reporters have claimed that GE brass occasionally exerted pressure on NBC News staff). This notion that a media company is quite isolated from its parent, however, was wholly lost on MSNBC’s own staff when the companies they were questioning were News Corp and FOX, not GE and NBC.

When News Corp’s actives could be used against Fox, MSNBC hosts painted the parent as indistinguishable from its subsidiaries, and News Corp’s political activities as having a direct effect on Fox’s news reporting.

MSNBC reported; “not [to] take [Fox’s] stories at face value” due to News Corp’s $1 million contribution to the Republican Governor’s Association. “Fox News has a purpose to help the Republican Party. They do it with their programming, they do it with their anchors, they do it with the stories that they push into the mainstream media, and now they are doing it with their money.”

I Fear that The United States of America will be Unrepentably Tarnished If the American People do not see past the Corporate Globalist Establishment News Machines and; now that the globalist IMF routine for total world control is being ‘publicly wiki-leaked’, if People of the United States do not quickly raise their peaceful voices, power and authority in Belligerent Indignation and put an immediate stop to all Actions, Abuses, Violence and Constitutional Violations around the world and at home that are being committed in the name of the Authority of We the People.

Don’t be fooled by panem et circenses


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2010/12/06 at 3:29 am

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  2. […] 2010/12/06/nationalization-of-mainstream-media-mysteriously-missing-from-media/ […]

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