Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Global Elite – Creating a Global Governance Prison System

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Global Elite – Creating a Global Governance Prison System

A group of individuals gathered in a common land to form collective order and protection is a government of people.

What is a Just Government?


A government that Upholds Individual Sovereignty Under Fundamental Natural Rights.


A government that Upholds the Community Trust and Public Domain Under Equity and Justice

Either of these aspects can barely be found in the western civilisation. The Spheres of influence and Government Controls have continued to encroach and blurred the lines of  Sovereign Spheres of Authority and Justice established since the Magna Charta.

These are Separate and Inviolate Spheres of Authority, Unalienable Spheres of Sovereign Domain. All Derived From the Voluntary Consent and Authority of the Sovereign Individuals. They are the Original Agents of Authority and the Only Just Holders of Autonomy.

There is a sphere of stewardship, a sphere of self determination, a sphere of sovereignty that every individual Human Being possesses.

This sphere of self is an inviolate and unalienable domain of personal private sovereignty.

There is a sphere of stewardship, a sphere of group determination, a sphere of sovereignty that every voluntary group of Human Beings posses.

This sphere of the voluntary group is a Just and Equitable domain of public community sovereignty.

There is another sphere, a sphere of Rulership, a sphere of other’s determination over others, a sphere of A sovereign over another that every Individual Human Being Opposes. 

This sphere of Rulership is an involuntarily distributed and centrally controlled domain of authority under Force and Tyranny.

Any government or act that violates the Sovereign Individual’s Fundamental Natural Rights is Unlawful, Immoral and Evil.

Any government or act that violates the voluntary Public Domain and Community Trust’s Justice, Truth or Equity is Unlawful, Immoral, Evil and outside the Authority of Natural Law the Authority of Our Fundamental Natural Rights.

Fundamental Natural Rights are any rights that every individual can claim simultaneously without forcing someone else to serve their needs.

We give the government Its Authority to act. We can only give the government permission to do those things that we ourselves can lawfully do. Security in Our privacy, papers, effects, anonymity, body, travel and activities is sacred and Sovereign. I can not demand these things of anyone at anytime, only unless there is sworn proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed or is being committed.

We have seen this progression and evolution from the blatant openly admitted Bush Doctrine “It is not illegal when the President Does it or Orders it” and onto the continued Centralizing Control Doctrine of today.

Judge Napolitano; “It is a Religion of Control Freaks that think the Government can do what ever it wants.

53% of Americans believe that the government is operating outside the constitution and aren’t doing anything about it!

“If the Government is operating outside the constitution, it’s time to change the government. I mean, that is about as reckless a thing as you could be. The Constitution equals the Rule of Law. If the Government is not obeying the Rule of Law, how can they impose Laws upon Us?

“But one person isn’t listening and he could stop this with a phone call, and that is the President. Who wants to induce us to conform to his way of behaving and thinking, just… like… his… predecessor.”

That is Barack Obama and George Bush in the seamless B&O Railroading of America.

In less than nine years Over 42,000 factories have closed in the United States

Our World Reserve Currency Status is Lost

Our Economy is Bleeding to Death

The Government is Hiring Police to Prepare for the Problem

The Federal Government and Federal Reserve are unilaterally ‘Spending’ More Than Everything ever spent before every Few Years.

Under the Federal Governments Economic Policy, the Foreign Policy, the War Policy, the Domestic Terror Policy, the War on Drug Policy, the Disclosure Policy, the National Security Policy, the Currency Policy, the Immigration Policy, the Domestic Spying Policy, the Travel Policy, the Family Court Policy, the Suspension of Law Policies.

The People of the United States have come to Learn that the Policey State Under which they live is in many ways Orwell-ian and Wells-ian in Principle and Practice.

It is a total affront to Liberty, Freedom, Rights, Law, Justice, Truth, Integrity or Honor.

This Government of Federal Policy Bureaus are the Alarm Bell of Liberty that is awakening the Sleeping Giant. That Giant is One Force of Unified Protection and Defense For the Individual’s Indivisible Sovereignty of Fundamental Natural Rights Under Freedom, Liberty and Justice for the All.

“I think this is starting to sink in across the board. It knows no ideological, no ethic, no gender line. I think the American Public are saying Enough is Enough.” We are waking up and we see who the Criminals are.

Global Elite – Integrated Global ‘Climate’ Agenda

Even after Climate Change Fraud has been utterly exposed as a farce created by multinational corporations and the Global Elite directed Think tank Universities and after most of the Third world in, light of this and disband the corrupt agenda in Copenhagen, the UN Agenda is still moving full speed ahead in Cancun Mexico.

Top of the list is still population control reductions, relocation into green cities and off the land and the reallocation of industry into green production and ‘living’.

Three Stage Agenda

  •     The first stage of vulnerability assessment and economic valuation of priority measures corresponds to the enactment of this Special Program in the 2009–2012 period, the main result of which will be the design of an integrated program of adaptation, executed progressively.
  •      The second stage, strengthening strategic, large-scale adaptation capacities, from 2013 to 2030, includes as priorities: attaining equilibrium between degradation/deforestation and restoration/reforestation; the adoption and implementation of sustainable agriculture and livestock production systems; the eradication of measures that encourage environmental degradation and cause GHG emissions; the implementation of relocation programs for human settlements and infrastructure in high risk areas, and the implementation of policies aimed at climate stability and sustainable development.
  •      The third stage, the consolidation stage, between 2030 and 2050, will result in attaining a positive balance between reforestation and deforestation, development options that ensure environmental sustainability, and a strengthened national planning system based on criteria to decarbonize the economy and minimize vulnerability to climate change.

This is the Agenda Funded by, muti-nationals, RanD, IMF, World Bank, Rockefeller/Ford Foundations and Endowments and Rothchild/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Trusts and Groups.

Joel Skousen on Foundation X

This is just weird. Massive scam or money laundering on the part of the Vatican Bank? Who knows…

This what comes from debt based privately own fiction fiat currency and measurements of human life.

Bailey Savings and Loan were have you gone?

We Must Restore and Reclaim the Local Public Domain to Defend Liberty and the Integrity of our Lives.

Lord James of Blackheath, Speech on Foundation X (House of Lords, 01/11/2010)

–         Sovereignthink

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