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Judge Andrew Napolitano; Global Elite – Religion of Control

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Global Elite – Religion of Control

Judge Andrew Napolitano on Infowars with Alex Jones

We have seen this progress and evolution from the blatant admitted Bush Doctrine “It is not illegal when the President Does it or Orders it” and Centralizing Control Doctrine.

Judge Napalitano: “It is a Religion of Control Freaks that think the Government can do what ever it wants.

There were two polls that came out, very dismaying. One was that two-thirds of American public don’t object to the porno or the grope. Well most of the American Public doesn’t fly everyday and they haven’t been exposed to this. But the more terrifying one is that 53% of Americans believe that the government is operating outside the constitution and aren’t doing anything about it!

“If the Government is operating outside the constitution, it’s time to change the government. I Mean that is about as reckless a thing as you could be. The Constitution equals the Rule of Law, if the Government is not obeying the Rule of Law how can they impose Laws upon Us?

The Problem with the Bainer exception to the TSA is that they are making Exceptions to the Rules on the Spot and that is a power that is not their to have, only congress can make Law and only after a legitimate debate and after a vote by the peoples representatives.”

The TSA actions are judge, jury and executor. This is a focal point of understanding from the left and right. Many people you would not expect have joined the TSA Revolt.

“From senator Rick Santorum who always sides with big government, sounded like Alex Jones This morning. Peter King republican Congressman from Long Island who always sides with security said”

‘The TSA has become the enemy of the American People.’

 “Congressman John Mica who wrote the TSA legislation said”

‘We have to change this immediately.’

“I think this is starting to sink in across the board. It knows no ideological, no ethic, no gender line. I think the American Public are saying Enough is Enough.

“But one person isn’t listening and he could stop this with a phone call, and that is the President. Who wants to induce us to conform to his way of behaving and thinking, just… like… his… predecessor.”

That is Barack Obama and George Bush in the B and O railroading of America. In less than nine years Over 42,000 factories have closed in the United States, Our World Reserve Currency Status is Lost, Our Economy is Bleeding to Death, the Government is Hiring Police to Prepare for the Problem and Spending More Than Everything ever spent before every few Years.

Under the Federal Governments Economic Policy, the Foreign Policy, the War Policy, the Domestic Terror Policy, the War on Drug Policy, the Disclosure Policy, the National Security Policy, the Currency Policy, the Domestic Spying Policy, the Travel Policy, the Family Court Policy, the suspension of law policy.

The People of the United States have come to Learn that the Policey State Under which they live is in many ways Orwell-ian and Wells-ian in Principle and Practice.

It is a total affront to Liberty, Freedom, Rights, Law, Justice, Truth, Integrity or Honor.

This Government of Federal Policy Bureaus are the Alarm Bell of Liberty that is awakening the Sleeping Giant. That Giant is One Force Unified of Protection and Defense For the Individual’s Indivisible Sovereignty of Fundamental Natural Rights Under Freedom, Liberty and Justice for the All.

Awaken and


Written by sovereignthink

2010/11/25 at 6:54 am

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