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The Borders and Our Pants – Two things Wide Open by the Federal Government

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The Borders and Our Pants – Two things Wide Open by the Federal Government

Government Mass Scale Humiliation of the Individual

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine

The dehumanizing of the individual, the destruction of dignity allows a total central tyrannical takeover. It is the process all governments go through just before they treat the citizens inhumanly.

TSA Tactics Find Ominous Parallel in Nazi Germany

Post 9-11 Terror State and Civilian Prison State System

  1. Prison State Pat Down System – Hello Pat Downs goodbye Shoes, Ticketed Passengers Only “Here’s looking at you kid’ no more.
  2. Enhanced prison state pat down system – Hello Radiation goodbye Same Sex, Ticketed Passengers surrender rights upon buying Ticket, Innocent Until Proven no more.
  3. Super Enhanced State Pat Down System – Hello Genitals goodbye Clothing, Refusal is Criminal.

Will you allow yourself to be stripped and photographed before you are marched into the radiation chamber and given cancer to recentralize your life saving before you die?

Will you allow your children?

Young Boy Strip Searched by TSA

We are under attack as the Dollar is destroyed as the world reserve and total transformation of domination is underway.

The mantra “You Can’t do that to the American People” that had been running the Elite for generations died a few decades ago.

Mass sterilization, Mass ‘soft kill’ injections, Public strip search, total financial takeover, total transportation tracking, total communication tracking, scientific dictatorship, police state

Public Humiliation = Dehumanization = Population Control Reduction


DA Investigating Felony Groping in TSA Revolt – Federal Fondling Destroys Left Right Party Prison System

Enough is Enough – Ron Paul Authors Bill to End Federal Government’s Crimes

Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US

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