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Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US

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Border Wars with Mexico

Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US

Mexico is a Narco-terrorist criminal state that abuses and dominates the people of Mexico. Very much like the Criminal Banks and Financial institutions that run the USA and work closely with the Criminals of the Mexican Narco-Government.

Video Reveals Intensity of Narco-Army Gunfight on U.S.-Mexico Border

The Mexican Governors, the Mexican Congress and the Mexican Military almost to a man are deeply involved in the drug trafficking.

  • 28,000 people have died in the last two years and is growing.
  • Mexican Cartel Actions against the US law enforcement and citizens within the United States include Car bombs, RPG attacks, Small Arms Attacks, Police Murder, etc.
  • Martial law has quietly been declared as of middle of 2009 on the Texas Mexico border
  • United States Military pulled back 10 miles off nearly entire border as of Sept 2010
  • 80 miles into Arizona have been seeded to Mexican Cartels with signs post telling US citizens to keep out (cartel controlled land)
  • Mexican Military Guard, grow and transport crops within Mexico (in a very similar capacity that the US military is serving in Afghanistan Opium Production)
  • Mexican Military Caught repeatedly shipping or assisting in the shipping of Marijuana, Heroine and Cocaine into the USA
  • Mexican Military Armored Vehicles have come 3-6 miles within the USA border to hold the US Sherriff/Police at Machine Gun point and threat of Death to ‘reclaim’ the intercepted shipments and escort the shipment safely back over the border, all within minutes of capture.
  • The Mexican Military are Killing Rival Cartels, Individual Cowboys and Coyotes’ that are small time runners that are not paying their ‘cut’.

Mexico’s Government Actions in ‘fighting’ the Cartels are like Capone Killing his competition with Tommy guns. The Mexican Military is truly Capone, the Big Boss, and the united states is providing billions of dollars in the “WAR ON DRUGS” to the Mexican Military Capone Machine to buy the Bullets in a Valentine Day Massacre in the tens of thousands. Go SPP and NAFTA Billions.

This has caused the violence and war to explode.

North American Theater of War 2010 – NAToW 2010

Shill Governor Rick Parry says he would send TX Troops into Mexico to help fight ‘Drug war’ and that the US government should consider it.

Is Perry’s idea of sending in US Soldiers to fight a gorilla war in Mexico supporting the Criminal Narco-Government really an answer that makes any sense? This will poor Gasoline on an arson Fire of an Orphanage. Our Military Sent to Back up the Criminal Monopoly of the 500 billion dollars a year in Narcotics.

The people of Mexico and people of the united states need to be at peace with one another and at war with the corruption within each of our own nations.

Do not let the Global Elite drive a wedge of hatred, fear, resentment or anger into our minds against one another personally or as general collective group/race blame.

Mexico Needs a Bill of Rights and a Constitution,

It is beautiful, full of natural resources, moral individuals and should be a paradise to in..

Mexico is not going to get fixed and the USA will collapse right along with it if we send United States Men and Women to kill Mexican Men and Women for the Elite Narco-Terrorists on Both sides of the Borders.

War is not the answer

War on Drugs is not the answer. War on a commodity never works at fighting tyranny. War on tyranny is the only way to fight tyranny. War on corruption, war on fraud, war on force, war on coercion is the only way to fight tyranny.

There is a Real Solution that would end this criminal empire overnight, staring everyone in the Face.

In this Order, We In the United States of Amercia;

  1. We need to Legalize Hemp Commodity Industry
  2. We need to Decriminalize Marijuana, Heroine, Cocaine and Opium
  3. We need 100,000 troops on the USA Border and not one inch further
  4. Release all Non-Violent Federal Prisioners of the War on Drugs (expunging federal crimal records)
  5. We need grand jury investigations into the Current Narco-Terrorist in the USA

As well, we need to support the innocent refugees, displaced people and victims of this war in restoring justice, liberty and order to Mexico.

We need the Understanding that Mexicans are not corrupt as Americans are not corrupt, but both victims of tyranny and terror from the oppressive Global Elite. We are all harmed, manipulated, branded, regulated, educated, employed, murdered and imprisoned by the same Criminal Elite. We are all equally their commodity, equally their cattle.

The Fight is not amongst ourselves but for ourselves, as Free, Sovereign, Independent and Infinitely precious individuals, with Inviolate, Unalienable, Fundamental Natural Rights and Personal Private Liberty.


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  1. […] Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US […]

  2. […] Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US […]

  3. […] Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US […]

  4. […] Military Engagements at Mexico Border and in the US […]

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