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Global Elite Graph – Global Governance Timeline

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Global Elite Graph – A Global Governance Timeline

The Rhodes to a New World Order

Don’t Think what you are told to Think.

Don’t Learn what you are told to Learn.

Learn the Truth as best you can and Sovereign Think.

The Truth will give you the power to know that you are enslaved.

That will set you free to defend your Freedom, Liberty, Life, Happiness, Property, Privacy and Person.

Act wtih Truth, Patience, Wisdom, Peace, Justice, and Knowledge

Anti NWO Paintings – Full Gallery artwork by sovereignthink

A timeline of The United States of America; to the Ruled Nations of the World

true history of power eilite in USA

tyranny cycle graph


Sodom, Gomorrah, Red China, Nazi Germany or a Constitutional Democratic Republic of Sovereign States and Individuals?

EU World Order

AirSTRIP ONE – Government Incorporation

It can happen here, it is happening here.

It is happening every where…war/force/governance from a far is a racket.

Global Governance Command

  1. NORCOM (North/Central America)
  2. SOMERICOM (South America)
  3. AFRICOM (Africa/Islands)
  4. EUROCOM (Western Europe)
  5. RUSSIACOM (East Europe/North Asia)
  6. PERSIACOM (Eastern Mediterranean)
  7. INDASIACOM (India/South East Asia)
  8. PACIACOM (China/Archipelago/Eastern Pacific Islands)
  9. OCIACOM (Australia/Eastern Pacific Islands)
  10. ARCITICOM (Antarctica)
NWO flow chart, New World Order 2011 timeline

NWO flow chart, New World Order 2011 timeline

VAT expand to Cars, refrigerators, Soda tax, Dinning tax, Individual Smart Grid Total Activity Tax (federal control and tracking of all commerce; down to yard-sales, selling cupcake or tomatoes etc)

Internet Censorship Bill

Food Safety Act (Small farm, ranches)

Arms limitations Treaty

Smart Grid Enforcement and Implementation

Constant State of War and Terror, under Maritime War Time Law

Government Intimidation, Government Taxation, Austerity under the Federal Reserve Banker Recommendations and Authority.


Outlawed learning, sovereign thinking, alarm and liberty bell ringing;


Dollar Dead – World Reserve Bankrupt – Greenspan Admits It was All a Scam and Fraud

Jekyll Island Revisited

Taxing America to Prison

The B&O Railroading – The Bush/Obama Railroading of America

The Secret of NIST

Target Youth – Engineering a generation for the new world policey state

darpa the cia fbi nsa hls cps atf ice private corporate spies and your email what could go wrong

The Great Shell Game of America

exslaves shared 14th amendment with the devil

oz vs toontown genius all around follow the white roger rabbit

The New World War: Who Gets the Power to Measure Everything?


Sodom, Gomorrah, Red China, Nazi Germany or a Constitutional Democratic Republic of Sovereign States and Individuals?

American Internet Kill Switch 2.0 or Switched Killer Internet – Target Kill Switch Mislabels Over 80,000 Innocent Americans

Google Gates Jobs gate; The RanD Giants Conspiracy

Big Sis Wants Malintent Behavior Scanners At Sports Events, Malls


Stop Think Connect 

Department of Homeland Security Mind Reading Division – Malintentions Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST)

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