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Read My Lips – The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt!

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 Private Federal Bank Fraud to Spend US into Third World Nation

State of the US Economy, Jun 3, 2009 – House Committee Budget

C-Span –

Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke testified about the state of the U.S. economy and challenges to future growth in the economy. In his remarks he said the U.S. would see mild economic growth later in the year. He also told lawmakers the Federal Reserve would not accommodate higher budget deficits by simply printing money. Additionally, he said the labor market was expected to remain weak for some time and that inflation should stay under control. 

On June 3, 2009 Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Fed would not monetize our debt. On November 3, 2010, the Fed announced the printing of $600-900 billion in new currency to directly purchase bonds/debt. The current world money supply of US dollars in circulation is $800 billion. The Fed just said it is going to double that. Printing money to buy debt is “monetizing the debt.”

According to Bernanke we are now set for ‘very draconian cuts and very large tax increases’.

48:11 Hensarling, Jeb – U.S. Representative, [R] Texas


Ben S. Bernanke: The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt and I think it’s important to point out that notwithstanding our purchases of treasuries as part of a program to strengthen private credit markets even when we complete the 300 billion dollar purchase that we have committed to, we will still hold less treasuries, a smaller volume of treasuries than we had before the crisis began.

Jeb Hensarling : IF THE FED WILL NOT MONETIZE THE DEBT AND IF THE CONGRESS REFUSES TO DEAL WITH THE SPENDING CURVE, WHICH WILL AVERAGE ABOUT 23% OF GDP FOR THE NEXT 10 Year that’s either going to leave us with a massive tax increase or massive borrowing but yet apparently as we send representative to china to encourage them to continue to buy our debt, hey are shifting to commodities, they are indicating concerns about the level of our debt.

Recently as I believe you know,  S&P downgraded UK’s Debt on May 21st from stable to negative, so what’s going to happen if the US loses it’s triple A rating or what happens if we have a 60% tax increase over the next 10 years to deal with this massive infusion of debt.

Ben S. Bernanke: AT SOME POINT, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PATH OF SPENDING AND TAXES THAT WILL GIVE YOU A STABILIZATION OF THE DEBT TO GDP RATIO. IF YOU DON’T, THEN FEAR THAT the debt will continue to rise will make it very difficult to finance it. And at some point you will hit a point were you have to have both very draconian cuts and very large tax increases which is not something that we want so in order to avoid that outcome down the road we need to begin now to plan how are going to get the fiscal situation into balance in the medium term.

Fed stimulus, Part 2. Yesterday we had the announcement of more Federal Reserve stimulus, known as “quantitative easing,” which dumped another exorbitant amount of money on an already saturated system.  Nearly all independent experts agree that this is the death knell of the dollar.  The National Inflation Association just released a statement that this move will trigger inflation and starve the middle class.  The rest of the world is still weighing in on the global ramifications of such a move to the world’s reserve currency.  Brazil said that the U.S. fired the gun in the currency war and they are ready to retaliate; China is prepared to set up a firewall against the latest Fed move; and Germany warned of growing protectionism around the globe stemming from the latest U.S. manipulation.  Some are now predicting that a bank holiday is imminent, with a likely date set for November 11.  Is QE2 the final tipping point toward financial disaster?  Or will it weaken resistance against another imminent disaster?

– Activitst Post (Full Story)

Federal Reserve 100th year since Secret Club Meeting (the bankers talk!)


With the Dollar Dead What’s After the Fed? We Go Global or Go Local – Special Drawing Rights (SDR) or State Bank Initiative (SBI)

States Bailout Accounts Zeroed Out – Trillions More For Bankers

Federal Reserve Make Trillion Dollar Decisions without Congress, Greenspan Admits that it was All a Scam and Fraud

China Blows-Up America’s Last Bubble, Launching Attack at Last Local Vestige of US Value in an Orchestrated Global Inflation and Hostile Takeover

Government Mandated; Pornography or Molestation – FullBody Scan or Enhanced Pat-Down and Crotch Check

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Our Nation Once to Build Radiation Shelters and now we have Full Body Identification Radiation Chambers with Little Alternative to Travel

TSA Targets Tyner In Effort To Chill Nationwide Backlash

micro/millimeter wave over/scanner
millimeter microwave backscatter radiation xray

Government Mandated and Authorize; Pornography or Molestation – Full Body Scan or Enhanced ‘Pat’-Down

Choose one for your Wife, for your daughters and sons, for your baby boy or girl.

What kind of Nation have we become?

TSA: No Fondling, Groping Or Squeezing Is Taking Place At Airports

Radiation Chamber the Gas Chamber of the Future

Get the Death Chamber to Work for You with Vertical Death Integration Systems

(Those that travel through or go to Radiation Chamber secured events and services will be identified with a full body biometric scan, correlated with ticketed licensed information, at this time they are also given the Individualized Targeted Radiation Dose that will cause optimal extraction of resources at custom end of life deterioration rates. Don’t get caught with 20th century problems and 20th century cleanup.)

Contact you Global Concierge Representative Today.

Catalogue Item #………………………………00000000031422

The following contains certain factors which could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition or future results, and have been set forth under Item 1A. “Risk Factors”


#9 The Company could incur substantial costs as a result of product liability claims and adverse publicity if its X-ray inspection systems fail to detect bombs, explosives, weapons, contraband or other threats to personal safety…The failure of the Company’s systems to detect the presence of these dangerous ‘materials’ may lead to personal injury, loss of life, and extensive property damage and may result in potential claims against the Company.

#10 The Company’s insurance may be insufficient to protect it from product liability claims. The Company’s product liability and umbrella liability insurance may be insufficient to protect it from product liability claims. Moreover, there is a risk that product liability insurance will not continue to be available to the Company at a reasonable cost, if at all. If liability claims exceed the Company’s current or available insurance coverage, its business and prospects may be harmed. Regardless of the adequacy of the Company’s product liability insurance protection, any significant claim may have an adverse affect on its industry and market reputation, leading to a substantial decrease in demand for its products and reduced revenues.

Enhanced patdown and full body biometric microwave radiation chamber

The Total Invasion and Utter Rap of the Person, mother, wife, child, the Private Individual; in Entering, Exiting and Accessing the Free, Just and Equitable Public Domain is in violation of the Constitutional Individual and Fundamental Natural Rights.

The Jews were stripped Naked Many times before they were stripped naked before the final gassing (Mass showering/delousing had become ritual) and didn’t know that this would be the last strip. “Your Body is the States Property for the Purpose of Security within the HomeLand”

Meg Mclain – ‘I’ve never had so man grown men with guns shouting at me for no reason.’

The Invasions that can exist with today’s technology and the long marriage of MIC/RanD Corp, Global Financing and ‘Charity’ Fund Agendas could enslave the human body, mind, will and the very consciousness of man.

President George W. Bush he personally approved the use of waterboarding, A method of torture in the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation techniques that has since been banned by the Justice Department.

‘Mr President, Did you Order the Code Red? ‘

 ‘You Don’t have to answer that!’  

‘Ill answer it!’

‘Did you order the Code Red?!’

“Damn right,” Bush says that he said.

a source close to Bush says he would have done the same thing again “to save lives,” though there’s been no proof produced that the torture technique has.

“Bush previously had acknowledged endorsing what he described as the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation techniques – a term meant to encompass irregular, coercive methods.

Raw Story

Brut Force and Ruling by Fear is Terrorism.

– sovereignthink

Population Radiation Chamber Deployment Headlines

ABC Experts Say Radiation Fears From Full-Body Scans Unfounded
Boston Blog Group slams Chertoff on scanner promotion
Boston Herald TSA tests frisky frisking policy
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CBS ACLU Questions Propriety of Stepped-Up Security Procedure Allowing Screeners to Use a Palms-Forward, Slide-Down Search
Cleveland Blog Manufacturer says full body scanners at airports are a valuable tool in fighting terror
CNN Pilot refuses full-body scan, pat down
CS Monitor Number of full-body scanners at US airports to triple in 2010
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Signon San Diego Better airport scanners delayed by privacy fears
Technorati Enhanced Airport Pat Down Means Hands On
The Consumerist TSA’s “Enhanced” Pat-Down Procedure Lets Their Fingers Do The Searching
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The Spokesman House votes against full-body scanners
Times Hatred is the mother of invention The underwear bomber shows how extremists will find new ways to beat airport security
Times Passengers to be scanned after details emerge about Somali bomb plot
Toledo Blade License-plate scanners lead to recovery of stolen vehicles
Travel.AOL TSA Launches ‘Enhanced Pat Down’
USA Today Airport body scanners balance safety and privacy
Fox News Feds Radiating Americans? Mobile X-ray Vans Hit US streets
Epic Whole Body Imaging Technology and Body Scanners (“Backscatter” X-Ray and Millimeter Wave Screening)
Technology Review How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA
AR XIV DNA Breathing Dynamics in the Presence of a Terahertz Field

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