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Involuntary Cognitive ‘Enhancement’ Implementation

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Target Objective: Total Population Control (TPC)

Under Government Enforced and Overseen Mandatory Civilian Cognitive ‘Enhancement’ Treatment

What if you could delete a bad habit? What if someone said to you that with a simple injection or a simple pill they could genetically reengineer your brain to permanently remove or delete (like a removing a corrupt file from a hard drive) all smoking addiction, alcohol addiction, insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, aggression that you feel, forever…take this ‘medicine’ and never feel ‘pain’ again.


Total Population Control

Bioethicists, Eugenicists of the Scientific Dictatorship are now openly calling for and announcing global; one child policies, population sterilization and controls and forced ‘inoculations’ with genetically reengineered compounds (live virus, chemical, biological, etc) that attack and forever change the individual’s brain.

Cognitive ‘Enhancement’ Headlines

Nootropic was coined in 1972by the Romanian Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, derived from the Greek words νους nous, or “mind,” and τρέπειν trepein meaning “to bend or turn”.



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The Human Brain is the most complex independent system of variation and capacity in the known Universe.

To attack the integrity of the minds of children on men is the most offensive affront to Liberty and Progress against entropy and Potential goodness in the Universe.

It is the purest form of destruction available to the system of life.

Don’t Drink the Black Water, Don’t Take Their Shot of the Living Dead.

Feminizing Uranium Added to Water SupplyWorldwide Water Conspiracy

sovereignthink – real cognitive enhancement

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