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Ron Paul Speaker of the House – Speaks For Majority of Republicans

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 Something for Boehner to Really Cry About.

The Republican Party has presumed that John Boehner (currently the House Minority Leader) will be elected Speaker of the House once the 112th Congress convenes on January 3, 2011.

With John Boehner ‘Do You Feel Safer’? Spin, Propaganda, Fear, Terror?

After 100 days, do you feel safer?

The Speaker of the House actively works to set that party’s legislative agenda and is an office with considerable power.

Ron Paul is a Member of the House that is the Speaker of the Republican Party and has been Shaking the Spear and Raising the Alarm of the Corruption and Oppression.

Ron Paul on CIA COUP!

The CIA runs military actions without Military Safe Guards or Moral Regulations. From Drone Strikes to False Flag Bombings and Terror attacks in Every Nation, They are a government unto themselves, with their own Agenda and every bit as secretive as the Federal Reserve. They also are in businesses, in Trafficking Drug War, they take out dictators … We need to take out the CIA.

He should have been the Minority Leader and He should now be the Speaker of the House. Winning CPAC with 11 candidates, 31% Vote Paul.

Ron Paul Speaker

Ron Paul Speaker for the House

If Mitt Romney was in the House then maybe an argument might be made that he has more seniority in Speaking for the ‘Majority’ of the Party. Michele Bachmann would be a better choice than Boehner.

There is No eligible House Member that has nearly the level of understanding of the True Populist, Constitutional Republican Party movement.

Limited, Constitutional, Just, Open and Equitable Government Acting to Preserve the Individual’s Fundamental Natural Rights.

Get Your House in Order. Ron Paul Speaker of the House 2011, President of the United States 2012.

Contact your House Members, Contact your Local Party Office and Members, demand Ron Paul for Speaker.

Ron Paul as Speaker of the House for a Return to Liberty and Justice that is truly Of, For and By the Authority of Individual Private Personal People, The Citizens.

A Return to Normalcy that we have never seen in our life times and a dead stop to the Authoritarian Policy State that the Federal Government has Unjustly and Dangerously procured.

Ron Paul Speaker of the House.


This video first appeared a while ago, when Ron Paul was still running for president, it has since lost its relevancy so i took the liberty of downloading it.

How has that message been received?


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