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The Idaho Silverhood Statehood and Perpetual Infrastructure Act

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The Plan for Idaho and a Return to Normalcy

Idaho State Representative Phil Hart

The Idaho Silverhood Statehood and Perpetual Infrastructure Act

An Act with the Purpose and Initiative of Restoring Community Trust and RePublic Domain

The Body of Legislative Branch

Under the Authority of the Individual Citizens of Idaho

And by Our Duty to the Defense of Their

Liberty, Property, Pursuits, Exchange, Savings and Posterity

Under the Motto

‘Let it be Perpetual’

Hereby In Full Service to Equity in Public Exchange

And a

Return to Normalcy

The first Local State Corporate Charter


The Restoring Community Trust


RePublic Domain Defense Initiative

Initial Bank Charter Regulations for the The Bank of Idaho (BI)

  1. All State and Federal Taxes are to be paid to the Idaho State Tax Board of the Legislature
  2. All taxes are deposited into Individual State Tax Bank Accounts for State funds
  3. Under the Idaho Silver Depository, taxes paid in Silver Deposits Offer the Tax Payer 15% tax break.
  4. Private Silver Deposits kept in the BI offer the tax payer a 5% tax Interest credit as a Dividend for a one year bond deposit in addition to standard account rates.
  5. Silver Deposits are 100% Silver backed and are non fractional reserve
  6. Tax Deposits in Federal Reserve Debt Notes are 100% FRDN Backed and are non fractional reserve.
  7. All Payments made to the United States Federal Government will be in FRDN as required by law.
  8. All Private non-tax deposits and holdings are forbidden from uses for Policey Enforcement, Internment, Imprisonment or any government body activity.
  9. Private Loans are issued for permanent Intrastate Infrastructure and Growth of the Community trust and quality of the Public Domain accessible Under The Initiative of Community Trust Restoration (The ICTR)  

The Federal Government will be drafted a payment for taxes from the Bank of Idaho upon request from the IRS. In the case of any discrepancies the Citizens of Idaho will have the interposition of the State Tax Board and Idaho State Bank Accounting Offices, which will require the Federal Government and IRS to Prove the Tax Obligation, before The Bank of Idaho can send an Amendment Request to the respective Citizen’s State Tax Account and warning of overdraft.

Corporate Charter Bonding Must Meet Requirements of The Initiative of Community Trust Restoration in order to be eligible for the Bank Loans Against Silver Deposits –

  1. 5 year public review for Corporate renewal
  2. Open Public Disclosure of all Activities and Processes
  3. 10% maximum return of profits after operating costs
  4. Local Corporate Charter Bonds must Bank with the BI
  5. In State B2B Tax Incentives
  6. Meet local provisional Voting for Their Public Domains Use and Securing Bond

The Bank of Idaho in making loans through the Local State Corporate Charter Bonding would;

–         Restore, Grow and Protect the IntraState Exchange, Infrastructure and Stability of Idaho

–         Establish Honesty of Exchange, Public Openness, Justice, Equality and Increasing the Community Trust’s Assets under Local Corporate Charter Bonding of the Offices, Bodies and Activities of the RePublic Serviced Bond Holders.

–         Provide a Public Domain Under the Authority and to the Service of the Individuals, Promoting their opportunity with corporate charter requirements of 90% return to the Public and Perpetually increasing the opportunities for the capacity of the individuals of the public to fulfill their pursuits of Life under Liberty, Justice Exchange and Value of those pursuits.

Locally Bonded and Chartered Schools (no federal funding or mandates required)

Locally Bonded and Chartered Industry, Refining, Water, Energy, Mining, Minting, Manufacturing, etc

Inline Hydro project for free clean energy for the next 100 generations, Intrastate Trains, What ever Perpetual Enterprise of to Empower our Posterity and Prosperity and Freedom from Oppression.

The Local People of America must free themselves peacefully and permanently from Private Debt Based Money of ever controllable and changing values.

      This Act will Create an Enduring Independent Economy Under the Public Silver Commodity Backed IntraState Exchange Bank of Idaho; Ensuring Protection against Private Global Corporate Charter Mongering, Global Central Banking Currency Devaluation and Fraud as well as Unconstitutional Controls of setting and selecting Every Value, Under a Secret Private Fiat System.

sovereign think esto perpetua

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