Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Latter Day Glory?

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A financial takeover has occurred

An end is near, change has come

Recently, during this last decade’s consolidation, generations of citizens around the world were placed under a lien of private global debt and financial bondage.

The Dollar has been publicly removed as the world reserve currency by the IMF, World Bank and World Exchange Institutions and is in the process of being phased out for a Private Global SDR, Basket Reserve Currency Market, a BANCOR.

We are all openly serfs to the central bankers,

Before Glass-Stiegel and other ‘safeguards’ were removed and before the B&O railroading all started, 75% of every piece of currency in the world was a US Dollar, which left 25% to make up every other Nation’s currencies.

Once the end of the dollar’s market dominance is implemented; and foreign world holdings are finally ‘stabilized’ into a Bancor market, the US dollars abroad will have to come home and this will cause massive inflation.

If the transfer away from the Dollar is not carefully managed, then hyperinflation and total economic collapse will most likely ensue.

All of this is only possible with a corrupt system of measuring the individual human’s value, and such is our case in our private debt based currency and the corperson statism system created around it.  A free market and commodity backed currencies are the only sound and just system and is what was ratified in our constitution.

Once this economic crisis really kicks in, the policey state will either take over and force the transition of change into the new debt consolidation global SDR payment plan…


Like in Iceland, the corruption will be exposed and our currency will be restored to either a commodity or metal nickel, silver and gold backed exchange, printed debt free and Justly, within the purview of Republic domain.

We could click our sliver slippers together, flip over the money changers tables and go home, (to a real home, that will be unlienable, within your family for generations)

This is our birth right. It is said in Heaven there was battle for Freewill VS Force, freedom or kingdom.

The Freedomain of mankind won and was thus endowed law, our creator and the right way of man.

The United States was a nation that was also created upon this authority; upon the principle of freedomain and liberty for the peaceful sovereign individuals on the land.

This Nation is only great and only blessed, in so much, as it is a protectorate of the fundamental natural rights of the Individual and in accord with the free will, nature and purpose for man’s being, as established in heaven.

For the first time as above so below, this nation mirrored the laws of heaven’s tropism.

If we stop defending that law, the land, our home and our Republic, will no longer have the blessing of liberty and justice for all.

Fundamental natural rights are those rights that can be claimed by everyone simultaneously, without forcing someone else to serve the claim. They are our rights.

There can be no criminalization or restriction by enforcement of the Individual’s private, personal activity which does not Instigate force, fraud or coercion against another Individual.

The federal republic is in violation of Constitutional law

The federal republic is in violation of our fundamental natural rights

The federal republic is in violation of the law of heaven

The saints and prophets of old understood this, the founders and patriots of our nation understood this.

The Latter Day Saints must understanding this and elect according to this law.

The Latter Day Saints must live by example, by patience, by teaching and by testimony that this law is true.

The Latter Day Saints must therefore reject all forms of private regulation, of morality enforcement and public policy in violation with this Law. (no stones could be cast on gambling, private use of drugs, prostitution, seatbelts, education, private contracts, victimless crimes, etc)

The Latter Day Saints must understand this and rise with one voice in loyalty to the free agency that is our gift to exercise and perfect to its fullest potential

The Latter Day Saints must ring the alarm bell of liberty and blow the whistle anytime that they see the law being violated.

The Latter Day Saints must do this or forsake their name.

The left and right are corrupt. Up or down is the Law and principle to follow.

Freedom or Kingdom?

This is the moment of saintliness, This will be a sacrifice and you are our best hope.

The cameras are on all the streets, the warrants don’t even exist, constitutionalists are terrorists, a priest condemning a tyrant is criminalized under 501c3…what will we do?


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  4. You seem to place a great deal of responsibility on the LDS. And I think it’s good to see the light of change, to correct principles, or the potential for such. Surely, though, it would take more than one small group to effect the kind of ideological transformation you seem to proscribe. Keep working and thinking and we’ll keep listening — you are definitely onto something.


    2010/09/16 at 4:11 pm

    • Globule,
      I use the LDS because they are such a good example, it really could be any group or community that could act as an example, first and bear that cross.
      The War for Individual Independence was won with less. Revolutionary Ideas and Movements are Usually Brought About by a Small Group of Individuals.

      Take a look at these Articles

      The Power of a Religious Revolution
      ‘What if this majority was a Church the size of The Roman Catholic Church, Southern Baptist Convention, United Methodist Church, The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, etc?
      The Number of People Exercising their Religious Freedom would be larger than most State Nullifications of Constitutional Violations and it would be more powerful as it is exercising an Individual Right!’

      I use Christians/Religion because the Laws of Christ and Individual Sovereign Fundamental Natural Rights are both protected and One in the Constitution and the RePublic.

      ‘Where We Are’ or ‘How We Almost Got There’
      A thought on Evolution of Religious Philosophy and the Political Systems that are built around them. (Very, Very, Simple Version)

      sovereign think


      2010/09/16 at 11:45 pm

  5. Great info on your blog for Debt Consolidation. If more people would visit blogs like yours and mine then more people would be in a more comfortable financial situation. The info is out there and most are free, they just have to look!

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