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The Natural Right Human Being

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There is a Natural way to things; water flows down hill, the Sun shines and life expands in complexity. Entropy and Reverse Entropy.

Water flows down hill in a Specific Natural way, The Most Right and Perfect way it can, in its descent and decline.

Rock and Stone also descend but in forms of mountains, peaks, canyons, cliffs, arches, monuments of even more variety and complexity than water but still in the Right and Perfect way that Stone Naturally Erodes.

Trees and Plants Also have a Perfect Natural way of following the Sun, following growth patterns and sequences millions of years old, in there expansion, incline and growth.

The Naturally Fundamental Right Way.

Animals, like the stone, offer far more Complexity than plants but following Natural patterns, cycles and sequences ever upward, every expanding in Complexity with less predictability.

Human Beings are different in their Nature only

The Human growth pattern in a life time, the sequence of events that make up the activities of existence, is Infinite and Unpredictable.

The Human Being is the Most Complex Individual System in the Known Universe by inestimable magnitudes.

The Individual is Quantum in Capacity, Ingenuity, Intellect and Potential.

The Unpredictable Free Will is the Fundamental Nature of the Human Being.

That is the Right Way for Individual Human Beings Naturally Be.

The Free Doom of Man.

Human Beings are Naturally Endowed with this Right Way.

To Molest that Infinite Potential, To Infringe, To Restrict, Regulate or to Force Unnatural Actions on the Fundamental Natural Right of Being Human is in Violation of that Individual’s Sovereign Natural Endowment.

Holding Back water is very Difficult and Human Beings are the Ocean of Growth, Infinite Complexity, Diversity and Potential.

Domesticating Under Force is not Natural for the Free Domain of the Individual and the Nature of  Personal Private Individual Liberty will always break Free to the Right Natural way of Being.

Written by sovereignthink

2010/09/14 at 5:29 pm

Posted in Future of liberty

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