Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Local vs Federal – You can visit your Local Cantidates

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Public Servant, Empowered with Interposition and the Courage to Use it, keeps Federal Thieves at Bay

  • However does not open investigation, hearing or grand jury to bring Fed’s multiple robbery attempts to Justice, Punishment or Redress.

These are they that run into fire, they place themselves in danger, that stand, to defend our civil rights, our Equity and Justice of the Public Domain. These are they that Stand and take an Oath, that we give the authority and the duty to defend our Individual Liberty and Freedom, Our own Sovereign authority within each Individual’s Private Domain.

We must ensure that we have local, state then federal officers within the Public Domain Servants that truly understand all of the government powers are derived from the consent of each Sovereign Individual within the community of the public domain that they serve.

Make sure they are willing to face threat of arrest or legal action in fighting any oppression, corruption or illawful government actions to protect the private individual and the public domain for force, fraud and coercion..

Sheriff Tony DeMeo protected Nye County citizen Wayne Hage from illegal federal encroachments and bravely risked his freedom and well being after threats from the Federal Government.

The next step needs to be Grand Jury investigations into BLM and other agricultural, environmental and land agencies that appear to commonly use threat and coercion against Individuals, communities, counties and states or local officers. They continually violate due process, act outside of or without authority, do not provide just compensation from property and rights seizures.

Send these links to your local Sheriff


6 Responses

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