Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

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The government derives its power from the Sovereign Individuals of this Nation. Those Individuals all share and make-up the Domain of the Sovereign Public. We Declared Independence, Fought on Our Own Authority, Won Our Independence and Created The Republic of the United States of America.

The reason that we created, organized and empowered a government is to ensure the sovereignty of the individual; that hard won Independence was protected and maintained. A Governed Protectorate to Ensure and defend Our Personal, Private Liberty, Property and Freedom; an Organized Safeguard for Our Unmolested Infinite Indivisible Individual Potential in Pursuit of Happiness.


To Protect this Public Domain’s System of Civil Rights, Justice, Equity, Law and Honesty from actions which infringe on the Individual or corrupt the system from its purpose.

The Sovereign Public Created a Re-Public, an extension of the protections and actions that they themselves would take in protecting their Lives Liberties and Freedoms.

Not a Monarchy, not a Democracy, not a Socialist Dictatorship, not an Elite Tribunal; but a Republic with an unchangeable purpose for which to Stand.

Each officer of the Public Domain Swears an Oath to the Authority Endowed into Every Individual they serve, A Sacred Oath by all those that serve the Individuals, as servants of their Re-Public Domain, on Sacred Honor to Defend the Freedom and Independence of the Sovereign Individual or Face the Justice of Violating the Public Trust and Natural Constitutional Law. An Oath to Pledge Open Hostility and Attention to Any Violation, infringement or molestation of the Private Domain and Constant Defense to Any Tyranny Over the Hearts and Minds of the Individual. An Oath to do this in a Corruptionless, Honorable, Equitable and Just Re-Public Domain.


We now have Law and an Act of Congress that is proposed, as well as Acts that have already passed, that can label, any Sovereign Individual’s Actions of Speech, Political Actions, Assembly, ‘Intentions’ and acquaintances as Belligerent.

This without; judge, due process, notice, right to an attorney, redress, discuss or disclose to public knowledge without violating national security Gag and Committing Federal a Crime.

This Belligerent is supposed be someone that could disrupt regular services, affect the public safety, national security or infrastructure. These are blanket statements that are not oriented on the purpose and authority of the Re-Public. Belligerence against Injustice, Tyranny, Fraud, Force, Coercion, Corruption and Infringement of the Individual is the Moral Duty of the Re-Public Servants and the Principle Purpose for which the People have given them Authority to Act. This Belligerence may cause danger to the public but still must be done or Evil will act Unchecked within Our Nation and the Individual will be oppressed, most often without their knowledge.

Privately calling for strikes could pose a risk to safety and regular services, a boycott, a picketline against police state abuses, a protest, a march could all risk public safety.

Calling for civil rights and Equity in the public domain could cause risk to public safety, regular services and infrastructure.

Calling for open investigations, reporting, panels, hearing, inquiries, trials and justice could pose a risk to regular services and infrastructure.

Calling for Independence from Tyranny could pose a risk to public safety.

Not calling for these things and Our Independence from Tyranny will impose Tyranny on

the Public and make Our Freedom and Kingdom.

I am Belligerent that anyone of my servants, sworn to Oath by Sacred Honor would presume that this is not worthy of Treason and Conspiracy to Violate the Individual Sovereignty of everyone, at anytime, for any reason, forever.

Ring a Belligerent Bell of Liberty

This is ‘Un-Privileging’ or our Individually Endowed UnAlienable Fundamental Rights, beyond the “UnPrivileeging’ that has made us less safe and less free with HLS and the Patriot Acts.



Liberty Belling – American Alarm Belling

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America Belling, Liberty Belling, Alarm Belling

One if by Land, Two if by Sea and a ringing of the Liberty Alarm Bell if there is an internal violation of the Private Individual’s Liberty and Freedom or corruption of re-Public domain’s Justice, Equity, Civil Rights or enforcement that is not derived by the Sovereign Authority Declared by the People. 

Step 1 Get a Liberty Bell and Carry it

Step 2 Ring that Bell when you see violation, tyranny, force, fraud or coercion. Ring it everyday at Noon, In Public, where ever you are. Ring the alarm bell when ever you feel the spirit of liberty, the need and desire to do something. If you have the feeling of powerlessness. Exercise your Liberty, reach out into the world and raise awareness, the conscious level of your fellow man, raise the alarm.

Step 3 Call attention and make people alarmed, aware and warned against violations of Individual Liberty, Inequity, oppression, abuse of our granted authority, tyranny and terrorization by any official, partner, agent, law, policy, action or body of the re-Public.

Tell those that ask or Call Out, this is your daily Liberty alarm bell, To sound the alarm that Liberty, Freedom and Justice are being violated (in such and such a way, so you know, this is what we can do, petition for a right of grievances and hold these people accountable).

Or Ring the Bell as a reminder that all Mankind is Free and Independent, that we grant the government their power in the re-Public-ation of Our Individual Authority as the Public. That Mankind is Free and the government is bound and create for the sole purpose to Serve the Individual Natural Man and not Central or Global Banks, Global Corporations, Special Interests, Lobbyists, Elite or Any Save The Public Trust in Open Justice and Equity. The Republic Exists to Ensure that the Liberty of the Individual’s Private Freedom, Property, Actions and Lives are Secure and ensure the Public’s Shared Domain is Just, Equitable and Free from Corruption, Secrecy and Deceit.

Hand Out information on any local violations and injustice as well as State and National and Global.

Hand Out Bells, Have an Extra and get people to join for a minute.

Bring out a grill for neighborhood weekend Alarm Belling.

Hotdogs are cheep but Growing, Nurturing and Maintaining Local Public Trust as Infinite Value but Action against injustice, oppression and tyranny is Your Duty

Sound the Alarm, Sound the warning, Ring the Call of Action, Have the Cities Fill with Liberty Bells Peeling and Let Freedom Ring.

Step 1 Get a Liberty Bell

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