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Obama Admits to Holding USA Border Security Hostage

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In full breach of oath of office the federal corporate statism elite will not secure border until Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform is implemented.

June 18, 2010, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl was answering questions that this was the following exchange.

Civilian Petitioner: In terms of the leadership of two of our Senators, what is going on with the United States Senate as well as Obama because it looks like he is going to challenge 1070?

Senator Kyl: ‘Yep, good. I might take a little longer on that one because I suspect that there may be some other comments or questions on that to.

Group: ‘Yes’

Civilian Petitioner: ‘Yes’

Senator Kyl: Both of those Senators that you mentioned are leaving at ten o’clock in the morning to go to the border tomorrow. We are going to Douglas primarily but will also be in the enviro, we specifically will also be meeting with ranchers, with the community leaders, and law enforcement folks. We will have a town hall meeting down there but most of the day we will be touring with the border patrol folks. That is part of the toucan sector, your absolutely right that 50% of the illegal Immigration across our southern border comes across the Tucson sector in Arizona.

‘The plan that McCain and I have is and this is not the Be all and end all, but what it is, is here are ten things that we could do now, without even passing, except in one case, 9 and 10 we don’t even have to pass another law, all you have to do is fund already authorized projects.

‘Building the border, Increasing the number of border patrol, Deploying national guard, Invoking project streamline which is instead of the catch and release, where you put folks on the bus and send them back home. You put them in jail for two, well two weeks up about sixty days, it’s a huge deterrent.

‘Just a little footnote, Arizona has two sectors of the border Yuma and Tucson, Yuma goes about 30 miles into California it’s about a third of our. The illegal immigration there is almost none today. It’s about 5000, your hear 5000 and you hear, “that’s a lot.” But it used to be 118,500 five years ago, a 94% decrease in illegal immigration. Why? Three things they have 11.5 miles double fence and a lot of vehicle barriers, they have enough border patrol and they have operation streamline. Everybody who’s is caught there goes to jail. They finally figured it out don’t try to cross there, you go to jail. If you’re a crook and there about 17% that they apprehend that are criminals or wanted for crimes, the others want to earn money to send back home and they make any money in jail. It’s a huge deterrent.

‘Why wont they put that same deterrent in the Tucson area? We have been asking for ever since before this administration started, since before governor Napolitano and Eric Holder had their confirmation hearings I met privately with both of them and made the case for operation streamline as well as all the other things that are in the McCain-Kyl Plan. They haven’t done them. Finally in exasperation we passed a law that said they had to give us a report by last December 27th, what it would take to implement operation streamline. Still no report.

Civilian Petitioner: ‘I was just going to ask if we could get copies of that from your office’

SK: Absolutely, absolutely. Now why I’ll tell you why. I met with the president in the oval office, just the two of us, I kick the rest of the people out, I asked them to leave, sorry.

Civilian Petitioner: ‘I like kicking them out better.’

SK: ‘Well one was General Jones his security advisory and I just…no. Here’s what the President said, he said “The problem is if we secure the border then you all wont have any reason to support comprehensive illegal immigration reform.” In other words…’

Group: ‘Grasp

SK: ‘They are holding it (the security of our nations border) hostage. They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with comprehensive immigration reform.

Group: Amnesty, that stinks, John McCain.

SK: Now I explained you and I mister President have an obligation to secure the border. That’s an obligation. It’ll also have some potentially positive benefits. You don’t have to have comprehensive reform to secure the border but you have to secure the border to get  comprehensive reform. I said you’d be surprised, maybe you don’t think there would d be any more incentive for comprehensive reform but I’m not so sure that’s true. In any event it doesn’t matter we are supposed to secure the border. But that’s why it isn’t being done, they frankly don’t want to do it. They want to get something in return for doing their duty. And that’s the state of the plate right now.

Of course locking down the border without dealing with the domestic US illegal substance criminalization and cartelizing drug policy will only increase the hardships and destruction of Mexico farthing the need for political and economic refugee’s from the collapsed and corrupted Mexican Nation.

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  3. Despite current claims by the Obama Administration to the contrary, the border is NOT more secure and resourced than it has ever been. Most Americans know nothing of the Punitive Expedition or the Mexican Border Campaign which occurred 94 years ago and involved more than 100,000 National Guard and Regular Army troops. This was the opening act for American involvement in the Great War and acted as the catalyst to transform our military into a modern force.

    Here is a link to letters written by a National Guardsman on the Border exactly 94 years ago. Too bad our politicians are more interested in being politically correct than robustly defending the sovereignty of the United States.

    Soldier's Mail

    2010/07/24 at 1:36 pm

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