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Taxing America to Prison

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Corporate Statism and the Prince John Syndrome

From closing down yard sales, to labeling the widow finally selling the wedding bands a precious metals trading company; the 15,000+ additional ‘new growth’ jobs, in the IRS collection agency division, will be targeting the middle, lower and poor citizens that are selling their possessions in order to survive. Welcome to the gulag-ghetto. 

Did you make $600 selling an old gold ring? Poof your a Business and owe the Fed.

Congress slipped in a provision that requires every non-tax-exempt business in the US to provide by January 31 of each year an information return (usually, a 1099) to every payee to which it makes aggregate payments of $600 or more during a calendar year, effective for 2012.

The May 2010 issue of The Journal of Accountancy provides a short summary of this and other health-care and non-health-care related provisions of the Act.


(a) IN GENERAL.—Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code

of 1986 is amended by adding at the end the following new subsections:

‘‘(h) APPLICATION TO CORPORATIONS.—Notwithstanding any

regulation prescribed by the Secretary before the date of the enactment

of this subsection, for purposes of this section the term ‘person’

includes any corporation that is not an organization exempt from

tax under section 501(a).

‘‘(i) REGULATIONS.—The Secretary may prescribe such regulations

and other guidance as may be appropriate or necessary to

carry out the purposes of this section, including rules to prevent

duplicative reporting of transactions.’’.


Subsection (a) of section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code of

1986 is amended—

(1) by inserting ‘‘amounts in consideration for property,’’

after ‘‘wages,’’,

(2) by inserting ‘‘gross proceeds,’’ after ‘‘emoluments, or

other’’, and

(3) by inserting ‘‘gross proceeds,’’ after ‘‘setting forth the

amount of such’’.

(c) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amendments made by this section

shall apply to payments made after December 31, 2011.

      Subtitle F – Procedure and Administration
        Subchapter A – Returns and Records
          Subpart B – Information Concerning Transactions With Other Persons

Sec. 6041. Information at source

    (a) Payments of $600 or more
      All persons engaged in a trade or business and making payment in
      the course of such trade or business to another person, of rent,
      salaries, wages, premiums, annuities, compensations, remunerations,
      emoluments, or other fixed or determinable gains, profits, and
      income (other than payments to which section 6042(a)(1),
      6044(a)(1), 6047(e), 6049(a), or 6050N(a) applies, and other than
      payments with respect to which a statement is required under the
      authority of section 6042(a)(2), 6044(a)(2), or 6045), or $600 or
      more in any taxable year, or, in the case of such payments made by
      the United States, the officers or employees of the United States
      having information as to such payments and required to make returns
      in regard thereto by the regulations hereinafter provided for,
      shall render a true and accurate return to the Secretary, under
      such regulations and in such form and manner and to such extent as
      may be prescribed by the Secretary, setting forth the amount of
      such gains, profits, and income, and the name and address of the
      recipient of such payment.
    (b) Collection of foreign items
      In the case of collections of items (not payable in the United
      States) of interest upon the bonds of foreign countries and
      interest upon the bonds of and dividends from foreign corporations
      by any person undertaking as a matter of business or for profit the
      collection of foreign payments of such interest or dividends by
      means of coupons, checks, or bills of exchange, such person shall
      make a return according to the forms or regulations prescribed by
      the Secretary, setting forth the amount paid and the name and
      address of the recipient of each such payment.
    (c) Recipient to furnish name and address
      When necessary to make effective the provisions of this section,
      the name and address of the recipient of income shall be furnished
      upon demand of the person paying the income.
    (d) Statements to be furnished to persons with respect to whom
        information is required
      Every person required to make a return under subsection (a) shall
      furnish to each person with respect to whom such a return is
      required a written statement showing –
        (1) the name, address, and phone number of the information
          contact of the person required to make such return, and
        (2) the aggregate amount of payments to the person required to
          be shown on the return.
         The written statement required under the preceding sentence shall
         be furnished to the person on or before January 31 of the year
         following the calendar year for which the return under subsection
         (a) was required to be made.  To the extent provided in regulations
         prescribed by the Secretary, this subsection shall also apply to
         persons required to make returns under subsection (b).
    (e) Section does not apply to certain tips
      This section shall not apply to tips with respect to which
      section 6053(a) (relating to reporting of tips) applies.
    (f) Section Does Not Apply to Certain Health Arrangements.–This
      section shall not apply to any payment for medical care (as defined in
      section 213(d)) made under–
        (1) a flexible spending arrangement (as defined in section
          106(c)(2)), or
        (2) a health reimbursement arrangement which is treated as
          employer-provided coverage under an accident or health plan for
          purposes of section 106.
    (g) Nonqualified Deferred <> Compensation.–
      Subsection (a) shall apply to–
       (1) any deferrals for the year under a nonqualified
        deferred compensation plan (within the meaning of section
        409A(d)), whether or not paid, except that this paragraph shall
        not apply to deferrals which are required to be reported under
        section 6051(a)(13) (without regard to any de minimis
        exception), and
       (2) any amount includible under section 409A and which is
        not treated as wages under section 3401(a).

2011: The Year Of The Tax Increase

In a previous article entitled “Taxed Enough Already!”, we listed just a few of the taxes that Americans have to pay each year….

Accounts Receivable Tax

Building Permit Tax

Capital Gains Tax

CDL license Tax

Cigarette Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Court Fines (indirect taxes)

Dog License Tax

Federal Income Tax

Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)

Fishing License Tax

Food License Tax

Fuel permit tax

Gasoline Tax

Gift Tax

Hunting License Tax

Inheritance Tax

Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)

IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

Liquor Tax

Local Income Tax

Luxury Taxes

Marriage License Tax

Medicare Tax

Payroll Taxes

Property Tax

Real Estate Tax

Recreational Vehicle Tax

Road Toll Booth Taxes

Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)

Sales Taxes

School Tax

Septic Permit Tax

Service Charge Taxes

Social Security Tax

State Income Tax

State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

Telephone federal excise tax

Telephone federal universal service fee tax

Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes

Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax

Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax

Telephone state and local tax

Telephone usage charge tax

Toll Bridge Taxes

Toll Tunnel Taxes

Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)

Trailer registration tax

Utility Taxes

Vehicle License Registration Tax

Vehicle Sales Tax

Watercraft registration Tax

Well Permit Tax

Workers Compensation Tax

Race Wars – Creating the New Jews

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Border Violence and Illegal Immigration Can’t be discussed as Solvable Problems. 

They can only be treated as symptoms

What is the Cause

We have a border that is not violent (or at least very often or for long) to the North. With new permanent Federal Police Army actions at the Canadian border there is definitely more tension than the old Niagara Falls Freedom Convention days. Still we do not need an iron wall against Canada. 

Is that because Canada does not provide Cocaine, Heroine, Opium, Marijuana, Slave Labor and human trafficing via a Corrupted Mexican Police State and aided by US Foreign Policy? A Policy that has gone on uninterrupted since first, Imperial USA, ‘Big Stick’, invasion of Cuba, Sainte Domingo, the Philippines, etc. This after almost 50 years of externally Peaceful, Anti-Expansion, Anti-Colonialism and Anti-Imperialism, all to collect debts and make sure the Private Banks got paid? 

  ‘Rich as an Argentine’ has no modern meaning except to understand the devastation that has been leveled in our Federal Foreign Infringements of Individual’s Endowed Sovereign Rights, Freedoms and Liberties. 

So we have a third world nation is our NEIGHBOUR by our design. The tiniest move we make has massive repercussions in Mexico. The smallest shifts in US trade, tariffs, foreign policy or position. They have Billionaire drug lords and cartels in a nation of starvation. Self defense is Illegal. 

We have created a ghetto out of Mexico and now we are to wall it off? Have immigration reform? Arrest Refugees fleeing the Corruption, Murder and Tyranny that we have created? 

Mexico is a beautiful Land with Beautiful Culture and Rich Wealth. It has been culturally destroyed and forever changed. If Mexico was a Free and Safe place to live we would have a sister to the south as we have a brother to the north. 

We must uncreate the Tyrannical Evils that our foreign and domestic policy create abroad. Great thoughts, But How? 

What must be done to not feel the need for an Iron Curtain, a Berlin Wall, a Warsaw Ghetto, a Gulag Archipelago or even The Pale? 

Walls ultimately do not hold and there is always a return from beyond the Pale; Even to have the need to build them and casting out, is endemic of Tyranny in the land. 


I start by thinking about what I know to be true and work from there. 

Tyranny in any form is evil. Support of Tyranny and the systems that it uses must be stopped and eliminated or reformed in such a way as to not be in violation of any Individuals Liberties and Civil Rights any longer and safe guarded against future corruption. 

That is a big change. It means truly following the Contractual Oath of the Constitution and charging with treason those that violate that Oath. 

Nowhere in the Constitution is there a power to declare a crop illegal, just because  

“The Peoples Right to choose One’s Crops 

 and the Planting and Care there of  

Shall Not be Violated.” 

Is not in the constitution does not mean that, that specific right is not protected. 

It is in the Entirety of the meaning, debate, intent, creation, legacy and purpose of the Constitution and several places explicitly. 

The Federal Powers Says you have 17 things you can do, and anything outside those 17 explicitly things is off-limits and is a Treasonous Act in Direct Violation of any Federal officer’s Constitutional Oath. 

The 10th Ammendment 

The Constitution doesn’t say anywhere that citizens of other nations can be treated without constitutional jurisdiction or are not born with In a Lienable Rights. 

The Federal and Global Shaft that has been handed to the People of the corrupt nation of Mexico is appalling and must be brought to Justice. 

The Global Corporate Statism, that has been in total control since the great depression, has reached the tipping point, we have all seen your hand and you know it. 

Mexico could be and should be as bountiful a nation as any. 

Fear a race war of illegal immigrant and American people. Fear a the gulag that is Mexico and the Police State that is American Domestic Policey. 

We need to do three things in order to fix the problem at the border; 

  • Revoke UnConstitutional Domestic Policey
    • Reduces criminals by making lawful activity of farming mexico’s largest cash crop legal and introduces freedom to mexico’s farmers, Mexico already has large scale production and will have need trade advantage to help increase employment, opportunity and remove much of the need for violence)
  • Secure the Border
    • This is needed if there is abusive violations that commonly from one nations citizens against another, in order for any nation, state, county, city or group to ensure that there is justice, law and order in the land.
  • Offer Refugee Status for Mexican citizens fleeing orpession and a path for citizenship for those Refugees that desire to defend Individual Private, Property, Liberty and Freedom, protect the Equity of Public Justice, Civil Rights and to defend the Republic by these laws for which this nation stands, the Unites States of America.

Whether Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African, All Men Under the Constitution; Whether Christian, Muslim, Islamic or Jewish have Freedom of Religion. Any action must ensure that the rights of the All Men (Every Single Individual) are not further violated by the Republic Policey and the Sovereign Liberty of the Natural Man and Human Race is restored.

Obama Admits to Holding USA Border Security Hostage

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In full breach of oath of office the federal corporate statism elite will not secure border until Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform is implemented.

June 18, 2010, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl was answering questions that this was the following exchange.

Civilian Petitioner: In terms of the leadership of two of our Senators, what is going on with the United States Senate as well as Obama because it looks like he is going to challenge 1070?

Senator Kyl: ‘Yep, good. I might take a little longer on that one because I suspect that there may be some other comments or questions on that to.

Group: ‘Yes’

Civilian Petitioner: ‘Yes’

Senator Kyl: Both of those Senators that you mentioned are leaving at ten o’clock in the morning to go to the border tomorrow. We are going to Douglas primarily but will also be in the enviro, we specifically will also be meeting with ranchers, with the community leaders, and law enforcement folks. We will have a town hall meeting down there but most of the day we will be touring with the border patrol folks. That is part of the toucan sector, your absolutely right that 50% of the illegal Immigration across our southern border comes across the Tucson sector in Arizona.

‘The plan that McCain and I have is and this is not the Be all and end all, but what it is, is here are ten things that we could do now, without even passing, except in one case, 9 and 10 we don’t even have to pass another law, all you have to do is fund already authorized projects.

‘Building the border, Increasing the number of border patrol, Deploying national guard, Invoking project streamline which is instead of the catch and release, where you put folks on the bus and send them back home. You put them in jail for two, well two weeks up about sixty days, it’s a huge deterrent.

‘Just a little footnote, Arizona has two sectors of the border Yuma and Tucson, Yuma goes about 30 miles into California it’s about a third of our. The illegal immigration there is almost none today. It’s about 5000, your hear 5000 and you hear, “that’s a lot.” But it used to be 118,500 five years ago, a 94% decrease in illegal immigration. Why? Three things they have 11.5 miles double fence and a lot of vehicle barriers, they have enough border patrol and they have operation streamline. Everybody who’s is caught there goes to jail. They finally figured it out don’t try to cross there, you go to jail. If you’re a crook and there about 17% that they apprehend that are criminals or wanted for crimes, the others want to earn money to send back home and they make any money in jail. It’s a huge deterrent.

‘Why wont they put that same deterrent in the Tucson area? We have been asking for ever since before this administration started, since before governor Napolitano and Eric Holder had their confirmation hearings I met privately with both of them and made the case for operation streamline as well as all the other things that are in the McCain-Kyl Plan. They haven’t done them. Finally in exasperation we passed a law that said they had to give us a report by last December 27th, what it would take to implement operation streamline. Still no report.

Civilian Petitioner: ‘I was just going to ask if we could get copies of that from your office’

SK: Absolutely, absolutely. Now why I’ll tell you why. I met with the president in the oval office, just the two of us, I kick the rest of the people out, I asked them to leave, sorry.

Civilian Petitioner: ‘I like kicking them out better.’

SK: ‘Well one was General Jones his security advisory and I just…no. Here’s what the President said, he said “The problem is if we secure the border then you all wont have any reason to support comprehensive illegal immigration reform.” In other words…’

Group: ‘Grasp

SK: ‘They are holding it (the security of our nations border) hostage. They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with comprehensive immigration reform.

Group: Amnesty, that stinks, John McCain.

SK: Now I explained you and I mister President have an obligation to secure the border. That’s an obligation. It’ll also have some potentially positive benefits. You don’t have to have comprehensive reform to secure the border but you have to secure the border to get  comprehensive reform. I said you’d be surprised, maybe you don’t think there would d be any more incentive for comprehensive reform but I’m not so sure that’s true. In any event it doesn’t matter we are supposed to secure the border. But that’s why it isn’t being done, they frankly don’t want to do it. They want to get something in return for doing their duty. And that’s the state of the plate right now.

Of course locking down the border without dealing with the domestic US illegal substance criminalization and cartelizing drug policy will only increase the hardships and destruction of Mexico farthing the need for political and economic refugee’s from the collapsed and corrupted Mexican Nation.

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