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Global Elite Fear Internet’s Power

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Elite’s Social Scientists Provide Most Limited Options within Margin of Exposure in Almost 50 years.

‘Not since 1963 have we been so close to total exposure’, says global elite leader at critical Conference!

The 2010 President Secretary of Speakers of Oceania gave a chilling speech this week at the Yearly Oceania Unified Conference (Y.O.U.C.) in a talk entitled “The Information War 2010-2012”

He served as the Operation BLACKOUTBLACKOUTBLACKOUT Chairman from 1989-1999 and is recognized as one of the three Senior Contributing Scribes for Agenda 21.

The follow is a Transcript of the speech;

‘Thank you, hello Gentlemen and Ladies. Thank you for that introduction, short is always better and it leads well into my topic here tonight. We are losing the Information War.

‘If the Infowars question is not resolved, in the next few years we will have total breach of focus containment in key nations due to our shortened timeline of operations, as well as the weak reactions and regulation enforcement provided by crucial agencies within the last decade.

‘The Digital Universe Monitoring and Electronic Regulation system, (D.U.M.E.R.) and general W.W.W. containment services have been less and less successful, while having, more and more, to modify display trends and required constant manual algorithm adjustments to maintain the Web. Some subjects have to run continuously at massively limited fractal query figures with additional constant placement reductions or total banning. Total censoring of well known nodes however now only increases the fractal controls required by magnitudes, sometimes within minutes or seconds. Slow Fractal Filtering (S.F.F.) and focused measures for key and unknown or smaller fringe Individually Developed Internet Operational Targets, I.D.I.O.T.s are still most effective means of maintaining trends. However recently the number of Unpredictable Uncontrolled Unified Mass Movement, (U.U.U.M.M.) events, have increased in trending faster than S.F.F.s and I.D.I.O.T. targeting have been able to manage within any standard target level control quotas.

‘We are permanently in the red, permanently in the red.

‘Examples for U.U.U.M.M. vary but can be as common place as a 3 minute posting edited from a video call or individual computer cameras can cause unprecedented exposure of BLACKOUTBLACKOUTBLACKOUT if not caught quickly and countered.

‘The most pressing data is not the individual mainstream U.U.U.M.M events but rather the I.D.I.O.T.s. These can range from private blogs, to news postings sites, to independent unregistered reporting (I.D.I.O.T. qualify at 1 million visits/wk and can range up to 35 million visits/day). I.D.I.O.T.s are the breach point and dictate mainstream exposure of N.I.C.E. operations. They are primarily investigative, whistleblower and news websites that produce continual exposure of objectives and operations critical to the success of BLACKOUTBLACKOUTBLACKOUT.

‘They also strongly promote Loyal Local Enclave Participation and Recruitment L.L.E.P.A.R.s. SFF is easily exposed exponentially in reverse fractal. This is understood and utilized by I.D.I.O.T.s.

‘While standard processes can be used for U.U.U.M.M. event’s, I.D.I.O.T.s are targeted conscious efforts that are too monitored and deliberate to effect with S.F.F. standard processes without exposure.

‘This has caused an increase in franchise generated events and headline debasement, in order to ensure majority demographic attainment and contain focus. This however leads to restlessness, instability and overall product decline and thus a condensed timeline.

‘Not Since the moment to minute days of, when Cuba’s Castro; in defiance of our Empowered Imperial U.S.S.R., and JFK; in defiance of our BLACKOUTBLACKOUTBLACKOUT in the U.S.A., were about to forge the first truly open disarmament treaties by exposure and introduce the People’s Independent Currency P.I.C. in the joined pricing and printing of Cuban-United States interest free silver certificates and the aftermath of that near exposure, has the N.I.C.E.’s objectives been more obfuscated and it’s posterior caretakers in imminent danger.

‘The N.I.C.E. is prone to levels of exposure however our efforts in the implementation of the recommendations of the Social Scientists have been offset in their timeline and must be accelerated. This offset in the timeline can be traced directly to the introduction of the initially unfettered WWW that was to be a 33 year introduction and follow the same flightplan as the transistor, microchip and processor. The introduction of new markets has always been and will always be the most unstable time in economic creation waves and often lead to setbacks or accelerations.

Let me play you this audio clip to give some perspective.

            (Recording begins)

Agent At Post: I think something’s hitting in the seaches.

Agent In Charge: What do see?

AAP: Yeah, Something just hit online. What the hell?

AIC: What is it?

AAP: Well we didn’t have anything nearly this big planned or this targeted scheduled today and this is weird, it’s inter national.

(Phone Rings)

AIC: Hold on a second. You got the notice? We see it…


AAP: Jesus, this is a global mind meld. What the hell is topical calcium fluoride v ingested sodium fluoride?

AIC: Hold on, hold on. What did you say?

AAP: calcium fluoride v ingested sodium fluoride, they are hopscotching, 3 million in what, 45 seconds?

AIC: What was the hit?

AAP: 3 mil…no 5 million searches, AP is gonna pick this up, it’s still…

AIC: No the, Let me see…Oh Crap, we’ve got a…Pull it down!

AAP: What?
AIC:  6 million Pull the fist three pages.

AAP: What?

AIC: We have a **cken info bomb here…It’s dead on, it’s, it’s yes, defiantly prept, may be a worm but this looks… we have 6 million here, do you want me to…?


AAP: I am pulling the threads…Done, 4 different search variation, there blocked from the trend history.

AIC: Got it. No it’s done. I got it, yes, I know.

AAP: What was that?

AIC: Someone clearly broke into the system and we had a breach. (Intercom) Security, can I get a debrief unit and escort in surveillance Control Room 12?

AAP: They must own the system, I mean what program can do that, it was amazing!

AIC: I have someone coming from HR and security to debrief you and me so that we can get as clear an idea of what happened, it’s gonna be a big change in the algorithm and regulation requires the debriefing report for the exchange commission so it’s kind of a big deal. You know, make sure that anomalies aren’t insider, market manipulation. Ha ha…

Internal Security Agent: You needed a debriefing and filing?

AIC: Yes we had a breach and changed protocol for containment.

AAP: Holy **it! Look at this, there has to be at least what 4 more!

AIC: Take him to the debriefing and I’ll what for my escort. The auto systems have this now so you can go.

AAP: That’s incredible!

ISA: Let’s go.

AIC: Okay, Let’s Go.

AAP: Look at this Fluoride Censored, sodium fluoride Censored? They knew we would kill it…I mean all those ISP’s. That has to be organic, noone can get that much access.

AIC: Come on, Let’s go.

(AAP leaves with ISA and PCD -end recording)

‘This was in 2005 and it has gotten much harder. If we had pulled the reigns in then we would have easily been able to have another wave cycle but those figures are looking very bleak.

‘But now this hop-scotching runs in figures of 20 to 60 million focused queries such as the google global street view sweep exposure last month. We isolated the main concerns but the google nsa – google spies – google censors – google launches, thread that followed each with over 200 million in minutes has undone almost 60% of the isolation and containment.

‘We must reset our breach point back a decade and stop fighting days, that is the state of where we are at.

‘We must either agree to a new beach head or set deliberate talks to accelerate the full agenda 21 protocol. If that is the course, we must move forward with the power of a tsunami to set the tide and have a pandemic will to succeed in fixing these instabilities with true global regulation and the complete implementation of the N.I.C.E. agenda.

‘The writing is on the, wall we must find our enemies and fast or retreat to re-enforce another day. What was supposed to be a genii in a bottle has become Pandora’s box. And while many may point to virtues of the new derivatives markets and exchanges that would not exist with the W.W.W. one must only look at the risks and know the folly, because we did not need the derivatives and additional markets, only more time. Time is one thing that we no longer have.

‘We have already set over 40% of our efforts on recovery if the Global Carbon Credit System (G.C.C.S.) fails to be implemented and some think this figure is too low. This is entirely due to exposure on the Internet, U.U.U.M.M events and the I.D.I.O.T.s. We are at less than 10% expenditure on the Special Drawing Rights (S.R.D.). This is the reallocation point and must be achieved. We may not be able to establish the complete economic system of controls in the G.C.C.S. but if we loose the ten scale or even the hundred scale to the trillion with S.D.R.s then we fall into the ratio and exposure of the event horizon and we face the dawning effect. We must not be defeated in the Information War.

2010 President Secretary of the Speakers

Yearly Oceania Unified Conference Y.O.U.C. 7/25/2010

For a full transcript of this Y.U.O.C. please contact your global concierge.

(this presentation was in confidence and fiction, all relation of real persons, corporations and agencies is strictly fictional and in just jest)

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