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Antonovich, Mexico and Los Angeles County

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Talking with Mike Antonovich

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors


THE PROBLEMS as Mike Antonovich sees them

Mr. Antonovich: Within this County’s health care delivery system, illegals are being treated at a cost of nearly $500 million dollars a year. The cost alone to our Criminal Justice system for the 25 percent of the illegals that up the jail population exceeds 250 million dollars a year. Additionally, illegals collect over $264million in CALWORKS payments and $312 million in food stamp allocations These costs alone exceed one billion dollars annually – excluding the cost of education.  

Nearly 100,000 children of 60,000 undocumented parents receive aid – for a total of 160,000 If incorporated into a city, it would be the 6th largest city in Los Angeles county Also, one in fifteen people in California is an illegal immigrant – costing our State $3 billion dollars annually.

The failure to control our borders and the lack of reimbursement from the state and federal government is breaking the back of local government These costs have impacted the economy, the social fiber and the effective operation of our County.” 

THE SOLUTIONS that Mike Antonovich Proposes

Q: We see that Mexico is in civil war, and in the world economic crisis we see that Mexico reliant on 80% of it’s GDP dependant on United States purchases hit particularly hard.

With that situation we see the Political and Economic refugees from Mexico increasingly streaming into our Nation and now have lawlessness within our Republic’s boarder. What can be done here in LA county as well as by the United States to resolve these issues?

A: We need to develop a stable economy and reduce the exodus of Mexicans immigrating to America for jobs and opportunity,

Q: I absolutely agree that we need to remove the root causes of starvation, violence, corruption, instability and tyranny. We must remove the causes that are creating the political and economic refugees.

So how do we do this Mr. Antonavich?

A: The United States government needs to encourage Mexico to privatize their state-run oil company. Just as England and BP, China, the Eastern European nations and the Dominican Republic had economically benefited through the selling of their state-run companies and a market-based economy, Mexico can also grow economically through public-private partnerships to increase opportunity for their citizens.

Q: Isn’t protecting productivity and increasing opportunity achieved by securing and encouraging the right of the Individual to grow and retain their accomplishments and property, as the very pursuit of Happiness, Life, Liberty, Freedom and Equitable Justice for all People. That surely, is more important than selling the public domain corporate charters to multinational private corporations charters that do not have to answer to the people of Mexico, nor serve the public interest any longer, but in fact often work in direct opposition and detriment to the individual. This just to see some unmeasurable short term gain economically?


Q: Sorry, let’s just move along. As you had said we have a funding and regulation problem in our medical establishment, insurance and pharmaceutical industries alike, Not to mention a world wide depression. Setting aside the overall decline of general health, medical care and government failures in oversight to protect the public’s welfare in general (such as topical calcium fluoride vs ingested sodium fluoride in public water supplies or aspartame vs sugar) and increasing demand and strain on the system, what should we do to alleviate the strain that illegal immigrants (refugees) cause to our public and private health care?

A: I have recommended we establish a system of medical centers on the Mexican side of the border, staffed by American doctors and medical students along with Mexican doctors and students working cooperatively with local medical schools to provide service and share medical techniques while reducing the incentive for individuals to come here illegally.

Q: So you recommend that even though we can’t pay for the medical system that we have here in Los Angeles county, you want us to build an entirely new, additional medical system in Mexico?

A: Yes, we would need state and federal assistance.

Q: That sounds expensive.

A: Yes, but not so expensive, if it is done correctly and I think that it is worth it.

Q: I agree it must be . What about those illegal immigrants that are still in the US and don’t get treated in our centers in Mexico? I mean not that we wouldn’t be paying for both anyway.

A: We could create a bonded guest worker program that allows an immigrant to work in our country temporarily while bonded for any medical care they may need while in the United States.

Q: So, buy insurance before you come here to flee government corruption, murder, kidnapping, and criminal charges, because you farm Marijuana as the only crop that can bring enough money to feed your family?

A: Well it is not all like that and the Bonded Guest Worker Program would be a revenue generating program. Some of that revenue could be used to fund our system of medical centers on the Mexican side of the border and other proposals.

Q: What do you think about the Police State of Mexico and how should the refugees fleeing the borders of a Nation who’s government is abusively corrupt be treated by our country’s national army of police agencies and the local police forces.

A: We should Establish a trained reserve component of the U.S. Border Patrol similar to reserve units utilized by thousands of police and sheriff departments across the nation to increase the number of Border Patrol agents defending our borders

This program of reserve officers has been extremely successful and provided local law enforcement with a group of dedicated and trained law enforcement officers who serve at a minimal cost of only $1 a year in most cases.

Q: What should be done about documenting or matriculating the refugees from Mexico for at least temporary sanctuary from the tyrannical oppressions in their own nation?

A: We must create a Social Security number verification system and employer hotline utilizing modern technology similar to that used by retailers for VISA and MasterCard processing which can verify an individual’s immigration status in seconds.

And we need to Increase funding for more prosecutions by the United States Attorney for those who violate immigration laws.

Q: It seems to me you would know the status of every American citizen instantly but illegal’s, as you call them, don’t have a social security number.

A: We would need them to register.

Q: I see. Mr., Antonovich with our county and the entire state of California in bankruptcy how can we fund these solutions that you propose?

A: The federal government needs to fully fund the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (S.C.A.A.P.) and all of the other unfunded services provided to illegal aliens to recognize the economic impact illegal immigration has on local government.

( )

Q: I’d like to give you this time to go over any additional crucial topics in regards to illegal immigrants or illegal refugees. Basically, what would be important enough to say, put on your website? Please, you have the floor.

A: Thank you. There are a few points that need to be mentioned and these are in no particular order.

One major weakness in our efforts to secure the homeland is the Matricula Consular card issued by the Mexican government for use by illegals in the United States This card encourages illegal immigration through a de facto amnesty program and provides criminals an open door to commit identity theft and fraud, from opening bank accounts to traveling on airlines and even threaten national security.

There is no legitimate need for these cards when legal immigrants can access U.S. identification cards The Matricula card encourages illegal immigration through de facto amnesty — which is illegal – and undermines all efforts for ensuring our homeland security and defending against international and domestic fraud.

 The FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice have all concluded that the card is not a reliable form of identification and undermines our efforts to ensure national security and defend against international and domestic fraud.”

However, on a 3-2 vote with myself and Supervisor Knabe dissenting, the Board of Supervisors voted to continue accepting the card as valid identification by the County of Los Angeles The Matricula card’s acceptance by American cities, counties and banks places their desire for illegals to access social and financial services over public safety.

To prevent future crimes at the hands of illegal aliens I initiated the HI-CAPP (The High Intensity Criminal Alien Apprehension and Prosecution) program.

The program creates an effective interface with the old INS and local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure that when a suspect is arrested and in a County jail, officials can find out if they are here legally or illegally

Under the HI-CAAP Project, the County has built upon its existing Consolidated Criminal History Records System (CCHRS), and developed a criminal alien identification and tracking system that:

  • relies on biometric measures (i.e., fingerprints) for positive identification,
  • builds on existing automated criminal identification and criminal history records systems,
  • interfaces with State and Federal justice system databases for consolidated criminal alien and deportation information, and be used by local, State, and Federal law enforcement/prosecution agencies

Half of all deported illegal aliens return to the United States — often within twelve months.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to add that we have not covered?

A: Yes thank you. We need Federal legislation ending automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens born in the United States The United States is one of the few countries in the world where, if you are born here, you are considered a legal citizen regardless of whether your parents are citizens or not. Legal immigration is a positive benefit for our nation – economically and culturally Illegal immigration is an affront to those who legally immigrate to the United States It is a crime that should not be rewarded.

Q: Mr. Antonovich, clearly a lot of time, energy and thought have gone into your proposals and I would like to thank you for posting such clear and concise information on your positions. In having this information available I have been able to invent this interview and in the creation of this dialogue. I know that I have been able to represent your views in a somewhat realistic fashion using your actual words and thoughts.

A: Well, new thinking and proactive proposals like these are starting points in addressing this grave problem effectively and compassionately.

Q: I’ll take that as an offer to make a proposal and proved my ideas.

A: Please, please. You’ve heard me out and we all deserve the same.

Q: Thank you, Well then please let me offer some new thinking, well, really it is old thinking but new in that it would be different from what we currently have and thus be new to us and the situation.

Mexico has near 90% export reliance on the United States; Mexico’s GDP is down 6.8 percent in 2009, worst in 30 years to around 850 Billion versus the United States GDP at over 14 Trillion. With this type of imbalance of wealth and extreme economic dependence the Domestic Policies imposed in the United States, that may have noticeable effect domestically, create catastrophic effects in Mexico and all of Latin America, especially when these policies and regulations infringe liberties and freedoms, or cartelize and illegalize entire commodities or industries from the Individual pursuit this is unjust inequity of the public domain and removal of the market from private regulation. Those policies create bubbles in the economy, illegal cartelization, legal monopolization, criminals, violence and encourage a cycle of escalating legal and moral abuses.

Specifically unconstitutional federal and state law that violates peaceful Individual Liberty. Such as prohibition which was unconstitutional, until an Amendment was added to the Constitution. These domestic cartelizing laws, create black markets, violent monopolies and criminal rackets out of otherwise lawful individuals, because it removes the rule of law from the market. The market become ill lawful or lawless.

Prohibition of alcohol caused massive corruption in government and individual life because it became lawless. The poor and immigrant became ‘criminals’ and law breakers ‘tempted’ into the alcohol business to make money in the inflated industry, they had to use violence to protect their stills and rackets because Justice and private, personal regulation had been remove from the market and industry. These cartels, distilleries, violent moonshiners, and corrupt speakeasies flourished, arrests skyrocketed with new the criminals created, and mobster mafia was enthroned because in that market the most violent wins. This caused the repeal of that short lived amendment.

The federal efforts alone in prohibition from 1920-1930 was estimated to be $370,000,000 that is $4,710,100,000.00 in 2009 dollars. Lost revenue was conservatively set at $10,984,000,000 or $139,826,320,000 in 2009.

And this was just for alcohol. The prohibition on the war on drugs has created a monopolistic, cartelizing, internationalist, Corporate-Statism alliance for many industries such as timber, cotton, nylon/synthetics, soy, big agriculture, checmical and petro-pharmaceutical.

The war on drugs has destroyed potent natural medicine from AMA and health care regulation or research admittance. They are not even allowed to compete. The Farmer is at a disadvantage to the petro-pharmaceutical chemical agri-giants because he is a criminal. 

True, there is no law in the constitution that says ‘The right of the farmers to plant the crops of their choosing shall not be violated’ or that congress, the executive, the judicial or any body of government can tell an individual what crops they can and can’t grow for the use of their choosing. Just as there was no amendment that said that the Federal government could tell an individual what liquids they could drink or how they could process their liquids to drink.

There is an amendment however that says, just because there is not a specific right included in this list doesn’t mean that it is not a right and born with every natural person. Like choosing what food to grow and eat, how to process my food and crops, etc.

The cartelizing prohibition is the domestic policy of an unconstitutional war on drug and includes illegalizing commodity crops with no pharmaceutically regulatable properties. It has divided the united states for decades and corrupted our economy and government.

This is an unfunded mandate that places hundreds of trillions of dollars forever our of reach in lost textiles, paper, medicine, health, agriculture and chemistry. Indeed in this republic there is not one industry or aspect of our lives that has not been effected by this prohibition. We have been changed forever by this unfunded mandate, this war on substances.

What these policies have done to Mexico is true evil. The, “War on Drugs” created, drug cartels in Mexico regularly bride and employ the Mexican government, police and military. Mexico is in civil war, lawless, violent, oppressive, unjust, dangerous and tyrannical.

Our pendulum has swung them into a gulag police state of civil and economic war.

We have created these refugees and they, understandably, don’t all like the United States. Better policing is not the answer but lawful policy.

I agree with many of the intentions of your proposed ideas but I strongly disagree with the proposal that you have spearheaded to have a complete ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas of the county. It is a, forgive me, but a jackbooted move and only makes a first step towards a lawful market more difficult.

I understand that it may not be popular but until we uncreate the black market and mafia police state that federal policey has created we can’t ask refugees to go back, nor cast the first stone of “criminal” or “unlawful” for non violent federal policy infractions. Until we reclaim the ‘assumed’ authority from the federal government’s unfunded mandates of our states and counties, controlling regulative functions of our cities and churches, our individual lives and the public domain, to be locally governed Of, For and By the People, in Equity and Open Justice, then we will not be addressing the causes of our corruption and bankrupt situation.

Until we make a stand,

 by having legal locally regulated dispensaries of plants, herbs and things of the earth

or by withholding the federal tax dollars required to fund the national mandates in the county, (Mandate that must be funded according to the constitution anyway) and send the what ever is not used at the end of the year to Washington we will not see the changes that we need.

Or better yet would be to offer county or state interposition to the unconstitutionality of federal mandates, policies, regulations, Agencies, Beur that limit individual choice and free expression while not violating that of others and open whole industries and individual innovation into our economy. Liberty Spurs Growth.

That is how you take care of your county and protect us from being taxed and mandated to bankruptcy and ruin under the Policey State of Federal Corporate Statism.

Do not Fight Against Individuals in an Abusive War on Drugs and Substances, Instead; Substantively Fight for the Individual’s War Against Drug Abuse

This will remove the title criminal from the largest crop farmers in Mexico, offer economic, moral and local stability south of the border. It will instantly invigorate our two economies. We need to support medical studies, textile industries, ensure water is freely flowing, equitably in the public domain, etc.

Los Angeles is the sister City to Mexico City. Two Major Cities in Two Neighboring Nations, Two Centers that could work together to ensure each Nation is Just to the people of their Cities. Two Centers that could lead the charge to Liberty and Freedom for the Private Individual and the Rights of Open Equity and Justice for All in the Public Domain.

Thanks again for taking the time. I really think that if we address problems in this way we will resolve many of the troubling symptoms that you have proposed solutions and additional regulation or increased enforcement plans.

This is a fictional interview that I had with Mike Antonovich. His statements have been take from his website and are entirely out of context since the context is a fictional collaboration.

However, All of his statements are his own with a little liberty and taken from his official press releases.

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