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US Kills Reuters Journalist in Iraq

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The Facts in 2007;
12 civilians killed

2 children critically injured

A Reuters reporter, his camera man and civilians were killed by US Helicopter gunships. A van, with 2 children inside, stopped to help the wounded people bleeding and crying in the street. They were also shot.

US foot soldiers are on the scene in moments and ID the bad hit and injured children.

The injured children are not allowed to be treated at US hospital or logged as US mistake but are rather taken to the local Iraqi hospital and injuries are listed as ‘unknown cause’.

Until now the military said that it didn’t know how the children were injured and that those killed were reported to be Iraqi insurgents.
The Pentagon
-Sees no reason to investigate this further.
-There have been no calls for an investigation.
-They see no evidence of criminal intent or negligence in this particular case.
No reason, no evidence?

A mistake was made!
Someones father was killed, someones brother, sister and uncle.

How about to better identify RPG’s from camera equipment from the air?
How about learning how to ID reporters and civilians on the ground once you have killed them.
How about filling out a report to accurately allow News organizations to know when their reports and staff are killed by friendly fire?
How about investigating if this massive misfiled report was negligence or was because of a coverup Either one is bad.
If this is how poor all of our reporting is we may be killing 1%-100% civilians vs insurgence killed and never know it, until breaks it.

Every dead insurgent may have had a ‘US weapon drop’ cover-up involved and we will never know unless an honorable and just investigation is undertaken. If this is the criteria for determining enemies in the field that the Pentagon is using to kill in my name, for my security, and they will not report and see no need to report innocent poeple killed in my name, then we need to surrender all foreign soil battle grounds immediately.

These are reasons to investigate the entirety of the military foreign policy and our objectives.

Please vote no on incumbents and elect those that will return our nation to accountability and honor.

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