Upholding Individual, State then National Sovereignty against the Enforcement of Global Governence and Tyranny

Who We All Fear?

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What other people cause you to feel fear?

I don’t mean an axe crazed killer or anyone actively threaten you.

I mean…when do you feel real heart-pounding-fear from other individuals in otherwise normal calm situations, where you have done nothing offensive?

Let’s find out;

  1. Being alone on a crowded bus?
  2. A Stranger is walking the other direction toward you on an empty street at night?
  3. A Stranger ringing your front door?
  4. Police car pulls in behind you
    1. Flashes their lights to pull over?
    2. Comes to your home?
    3. IRS agent comes to your door?
    4. CPS agent is at your door with a few questions?  (If you have children)


Remember, you have done nothing wrong, yet which of these situations would cause the most heart-pounding-fear.


All of these people have the power to lawfully take something from you by force, ever if you have done nothing wrong and it is illegal for you to fight back.

That is a feeling of being cornered. That ‘Caution!’ inducing heart-pounding-fear is a correct and natural adrenal reaction.  (Fight Flight)

Adrenal response is a correct and natural reaction to loss of property, liberty and life by force.

We must not be afraid of these feelings but use them to energize peacefully the reclamation of not ‘civil’ rights for a group but an individual’s rights. (if we are all screwed equally we are all still screwed)

An individual’s right to not feel fear and terror of the ‘king’s army’ from taking their very food, clothing, shelter and livelihood buy threat of destruction and forced usury of corrupt taxation systems.

The right to not just feel free from fear of that tyranny but to actually be Free; to have the sovereign rights of all life’s properties and promise Restored into the hands of each of us.

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