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Who We All Fear?

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What other people cause you to feel fear?

I don’t mean an axe crazed killer or anyone actively threaten you.

I mean…when do you feel real heart-pounding-fear from other individuals in otherwise normal calm situations, where you have done nothing offensive?

Let’s find out;

  1. Being alone on a crowded bus?
  2. A Stranger is walking the other direction toward you on an empty street at night?
  3. A Stranger ringing your front door?
  4. Police car pulls in behind you
    1. Flashes their lights to pull over?
    2. Comes to your home?
    3. IRS agent comes to your door?
    4. CPS agent is at your door with a few questions?  (If you have children)


Remember, you have done nothing wrong, yet which of these situations would cause the most heart-pounding-fear.


All of these people have the power to lawfully take something from you by force, ever if you have done nothing wrong and it is illegal for you to fight back.

That is a feeling of being cornered. That ‘Caution!’ inducing heart-pounding-fear is a correct and natural adrenal reaction.  (Fight Flight)

Adrenal response is a correct and natural reaction to loss of property, liberty and life by force.

We must not be afraid of these feelings but use them to energize peacefully the reclamation of not ‘civil’ rights for a group but an individual’s rights. (if we are all screwed equally we are all still screwed)

An individual’s right to not feel fear and terror of the ‘king’s army’ from taking their very food, clothing, shelter and livelihood buy threat of destruction and forced usury of corrupt taxation systems.

The right to not just feel free from fear of that tyranny but to actually be Free; to have the sovereign rights of all life’s properties and promise Restored into the hands of each of us.

Destruction of the Liberty Bell

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Destruction of the Liberty Bell

Destruction of the Liberty Bell…
Destruction of the Public Trust by surrendering the US Money (Dollar)
The wealth of the Nation is already in foreign hands, a majority of the American Corporations and entire industries, Utilities and Infrastructure in the USA are already foreign owned and favor Global Governance.
The USA Debt Is well over $60 trillion in foreign holdings of loans, bonds, notes, etc.
It is too big to be repaid Already.
How do you get the freedom loving, liberty America Yanks to go for Global Governance? How do you get them to surrender to a totalitarian globalism system?
Have a crisis big enough?
Total destruction of the dollar and economy?
Riots? Terrorist?
And then Police state?
Too poor…to stop the ‘rioting out of work terrorists’?
UN peace keepers to the rescue?
A highly organized agenda.
A crisis constant enough.
To make twine the Bell of Liberty
NORAD has Active Army stationed in theater.
(Who is Invading That Local law enforcement and the States standing army the “National” guard can’t handle? Canada? Mexico? Puerto Rico?
Protect the homeland, surrender liberties for protection from danger.
Did you see any peaceful constitutional non disruptive protests footage of the G20 in Pittsburgh in 2009?
Well if you didn’t here are a few. 
We are one crisis from a total collapse.
(Gather, there is a season.)
The derivatives market bubble is still over $500 Trillion. That could do it. 
Pretty gloomy.

Except man is infinite and we have been held back by such huge false bubbles.
That means that there is a vacuum to be filled.
(Tesla? Cold Fusion? Negative Capacitors?)
Production has been held back by the stolen values of our right to property and our infinite ingenuity when we get to Freely retain the products of our lives and over a life time craft it without forced ‘creative destructions’ and enforcements.
The bubble pop is, after all, only a pop. A Wave crest in time.
Individual Rights, Kindness, Common Sense, Morals, Wisdom, Justice and Innocent Until Proven Guilty by a court of piers must be maintained no matter how hard it gets. Peaceful, Law and Justice.
That is our job as Americans.
The guilty must be brought to answer and Justice must be served.
We can fill the Vacuum with self sufficiency; make it local, efficient, honest and just.
We must make more strong each individual, to lubricate each wheel with liberty and freedom of movement to perform the best it can.
We see destruction and surrender of: Liberties, Rights, Freedoms, Property, Body, Health, Mind, Voice, Information, Education, Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Money, Religion, to Central Federal Governance; So that somebody that is smarter than us can ‘control’ the unknown from harming us instead of being entrepreneurs and embracing it with the Ownership and Stewardship of our American lives.
What of these aspects of your life is not restricted in some way by a federal, global governance, sustainable development, vertically integrated, smarter than us?
We need a world that trusts an individual with their life and all that entails.
A gentle, kind, giving, nurturing, self sustainable, reliable understanding of one’s Liberty.
We need understanding once again of Where We Stand, When We stand In America.
But also mark where went astray, to clearly teach against that road.

We are all each of us, really mostly good and that scares the hell out of them!
No watch dog in the media is reporting for the electorate but it doesn’t seem to matter because the youth aren’t drinking your water.

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